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User Info: Locust99

1 year ago#11
Does anyone got a link to the Story 1 - cutscene?
Can't find it on Yotube (yet). I skipped it back then... :/
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User Info: roiwa2

1 year ago#12
koranthus posted...
i see. this is reminiscent of the halloween skeleton key thing. i was missing that critical part.

Sorry for wasting the community’s time! :(

Don't apologize, most topics we make are bragging related :D
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User Info: Pierz

1 year ago#13
I’d say it’s a neat way to change things up, but it also seems like a blatantly shrewd tactic to get players coaxing their friends into playing BE to help raise that bar. With previous events it was just a bonus for how many points were rewarded. Here, things are locked entirely behind ‘levels’, it feels desperate.
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