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  3. Anyone else hard passing on this banner?

User Info: vicks111

1 year ago#11
Im not pulling on principle, damn u goomi for letting Ramza sit in the dusty bench. On that same principle I did not upgrade Soleil.

Also, saving for xmas ;D
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User Info: malleus

1 year ago#12
PostModernMartr posted...
This post is all the info I have about the new banner, but I will still do daily pulls to play the numbers game.

Tickets are being saved for something stupid however.

yo post mordern!! i see u have a fryevia... can i borrow her some time? i have 2 but equipping them is a pain in the.. anyways i could prob equip 1 right now, id need to check, currently benched so havent used her much. need one for super robocop trial. if not its cool, im curently working on awakening my 2nd TT. Wanted to triple nuke him with my 2 TT and a Friend TT

User Info: Unit3d

1 year ago#13
Just dailies for me. No need to spend tickets at all.

User Info: KeeperOfShadows

1 year ago#14
Probably. All three are units I can wait to get off banner someday.

Granted, we'll also likely get more free daily pulls after the Fan Festa on Saturday.
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User Info: Heranu

1 year ago#15
Hard passing it here too, Ramza and Lunera are already sitting in my barracks performing duets every Saturday night, I don't need a third singer
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User Info: XanthielX

1 year ago#16
I’ve got lunera, so I can live without Roy, and not interested in the others at all, so I’ll sage for cloud.

If Christmas comes before cloud though, I will be torn, especially with the possibility of those 5ks with guaranteed 5*s I’ve seen rumoured
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User Info: Keldonis

1 year ago#17
Pulling on this banner. Roy is the best of the 3 bards, hands down with the exception of 10 man trials.
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User Info: LordAzai

1 year ago#19
Dailies only here - Soleil and Ramza (post enhancements when they come) will be fine for me. Until then, I'm happy saving tickets.

Christmas is bound to have a good banner/discounted lapis/guaranteed 5* pull thing, if it's anything like last year. For all the moaning people do, Gumi do give out a fair few things.

In all honesty I want to blow all my tickets and stuff on the FFIX banner, for nostalgia reasons. I'm itching for Beatrix.

User Info: RaidenGarai

1 year ago#20
I should hard pass since my dailies have been nothing but trash blues since the day of the rate up, but I'll probably do dailies just because. I do like good elemental weapons.
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  3. Anyone else hard passing on this banner?
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