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User Info: Fat-CheeseV2

5 months ago#1

This is an Event Trial therefore expect it to be much easier than an actual Trial. Shouldn't be a problem for most of the people here with their established OP team to clear this effortlessly.

Most of Cerberus' attacks consist of physical / fire physical Single Target and AOE damage. You can get by with an AOE tank. However there are a few moves that you should be cautious of .....

1. Predation : 30% chance instant death to 1 target
2. Firaga : AOE Fire Magic Damage + 3 Turns -50% Fire Resists ( No FR debuff in JP )
3. Great Bleat : AOE Physical Damage + Dispel to self & 75% chance to paralyze ( 50% chance in JP )


1. Susceptible to breaks
2. Vulnerable to poison ( Unless Gumi alter its status immunity, this is by FAR the most effective method to chip that huge chunk of HP off and turn this trial into a cakewalk. Thorned Mace , Toxic Dagger, Yakei, Venomous Edge, Poison Knuckle or any ability, ability meteria with chance to poison. Don't forget good ol' Bio Blaster :P )
3. Fire resist gears / abilities / buffs
4. Accessories to prevent Paralyze.
5. Safety Bit, Genji Shield on Tank to deal with instant death attack.
6. Beast Killer.

Unit Recommendations :

Tank - Warrior Of Light, Veritas Of Earth , Charlotte

Healer - Your Pick

Support - 9S, Rikku, Timothy, Crowe, again, your pick

Attackers - Onion Knight ( Splendor Of Water +70% FR) , Landu, DV , Freyvia, A2, 2B, etc etc etc any will do

Feel free to correct me if i'm wrong.

Goodluck !



If by any means you have trouble beating Cerberus, eg: Newbies / Low ranked players , anyone who doesnt have a decent team that could take him down or just plain lazy to plan for this challenge, no worries, i've got you covered with a Nyx solo carry.

100% Evade + 140% Fire Resist
Genji Shield
Venomous Edge for poison application
90% FR after debuff translates into minuscule firaga damage and if Nyx ever get low on HP just use Warp Plunder to replenish. Rinse/Repeat.

FFBE ID : 324 - 731 - 645

If you need help or a 'lazy' carry for that Ulric’s Dagger, send me an invite with proper gamefaqs/gfaqs tag in gretting box. I have like 40 spots left for fellow gfaqers.
!Travaillons Ensemble! or !Trabajemos Juntos! will be ignored :D

That is all, i'm going to bed and apologize for any late replies or possibly missed messages.
Will work on Halloween Bosses or Bahamut esper guide next.

~~~~~~ Have a nice day ~~~~~~
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User Info: SoulEaterTed

5 months ago#2
All hail Lord cheesus

Lol I kinda miss this
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User Info: jpridgen0

5 months ago#3
I've been meaning to ask if we were getting a mini trial with this 15 event. Guess so.
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User Info: AlmightStick

5 months ago#4
Cheese my dude, my guy. While I don't need the carry, I would like the friend spot. If you'll have me of course.
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User Info: Bleu_Skie

5 months ago#5
Tag for later. Gonna try it blind first for the fun of it.
It's important to know what the rules are first, so that, when you decide to break them, you can better judge the effect.

User Info: fantasyste

5 months ago#6
@Fat-CheeseV2 i add you asap the game is up, my id is Adel S ;)
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User Info: salpetriere

5 months ago#7
Bleu_Skie posted...
Tag for later. Gonna try it blind first for the fun of it.

As it's immune to Blind that would be fun...because why?
Taste the happy, Michael!

User Info: JI_Joe

5 months ago#8
Nice thread, thumbs up.

Seen your Nyx. Need a carry?
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User Info: dat_libz05

5 months ago#9
ah how i miss this thing lol

and here some video of how doing this trial

not mine though

User Info: HarmoniousTerra

5 months ago#10
Easy. My team will be DV and Landu for chaining with Excalibur. Cerberus can be fully broken so DV use his 45% Fullbreak on the beast. Don't even need Rikku here so I will use Tilith max potted and BiS so far for if healing is necessary, Minfilia or my enhanced Marie for fire resistance buff and Zargabaath on Golem with Genji Shield for provoke death attack and for 60% all stats to all chars buff and when needed rejuvenate. Easy and done.
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