FFXI banner- Sooo you pullin'?

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User Info: RageRonin

7 months ago#1
How hard do you plan on going? - Results (194 votes)
All in baby!
3.09% (6 votes)
A few 10+1 pulls
3.61% (7 votes)
Tickets only
9.79% (19 votes)
Dailies only
47.42% (92 votes)
Ignore banner. Retain resources.
28.35% (55 votes)
7.73% (15 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I'm on the fence right now. I will either do a few 10+1 or skip it completely. I'm not really excited about any of the units because I can't see actually using any of them except maybe Shantoto, but I already have a clown car full of that little tart.

User Info: tesla1337

7 months ago#2
IGN: Tesla

User Info: Unit3d

7 months ago#3
Dailies only.

One 10+1 for a Werei if I get desperate.

User Info: RandTheRedmage

7 months ago#4
MAYBE a 10+1. Never have trouble getting banner golds, though, and a truckload of the 3*. I'm okay with both of these things.
I livestream under the name Randkin.
FFBE: 069,836,148. Primary unit: Fryevia. Available: Enhanced Luka, Enhanced Soleil, any tank @~10k HP//400+ DEF.

User Info: true_illusions

7 months ago#5
Definately want a werei on both my accounts.
Lead : Orlandeau (952 Att, DW/Odin), 808 ATT FV, 100% Evade Noctis
My Motto : Always bring a Ling

User Info: fantasyste

7 months ago#6
1 ticket and 1 ex ticket. Skip
Chain with my Fryevia!

User Info: WilliamDS

7 months ago#7
only if there is trust mooglr in raid summon
3DS Friend Code 2938-7140-9516 Pokemon X : Heracross, Illumise, Ledyba Safari

User Info: flkid

7 months ago#8
Daily only. Hopefully we get the free 10 dailies starting this week along with the other stuff from the fan festival so I can get a werei.
PSN: DarkVelstadt

User Info: Matt123

7 months ago#9
Will they stay in the summon pool after the raid ends?

User Info: MadWolfTrip

7 months ago#10
Just dailies
There is a thin line between genius and madness... I am that line.
Xbox - MadnessOfTrip ~ FFBE Trip 764 966 526
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