Anybody Else sitting on Raid tokens?

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User Info: Dinosquash

7 months ago#1
i mean i think ive learnt my lesson from previous raids, nowhere enough space to hoard moogles/Kcats right now.

so im just gonna sit on them, until event is over.

then take a few hours to pull em all.

at 84k tokens so far, its gonna be alootttttt.
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User Info: Apoca88

7 months ago#2
Nope, using them every time I hit 50k

User Info: salpetriere

7 months ago#3
Yeah, that plus half my units are away on expeditions when I want to level them.
Taste the happy, Michael!

User Info: wyldman11

7 months ago#4
want to level up amelia, veritas of the earth, victoria and willhelm.

Also doing it now so I can see how hard I need to hit the whole raid for crafting mats.
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User Info: Indriane

7 months ago#5
Using them, I got room for some moogles right now. Also levellibg espers.
ID: 300.088.536 Indri

User Info: kaitanika

7 months ago#6
Yup, I won't do any raid summons until the raid is over. Takes much less time to sort out all the stuff in one go rather than in multiple batches.
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User Info: Renkencen

7 months ago#7
Nope, I used them when I'm around 5K +

I also hoping a certain someone on here learn his/ her lesson from the last raid to summons it more oftern than to complain that it tooks hours to summon it all!

User Info: Taimanin_Asagi

7 months ago#8
Yeah, I'm saving it until the Raid is over

Even though I know full well I'm going to ****ing regret it when I have to pull dozens of times and THEN get rid of the aftermath of overflow of Materials and Units


I never learn.
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User Info: Whitecascade

7 months ago#9
I Pull it immediately. I need items now not later.
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User Info: toling54

7 months ago#10
i'm using all the coins before i sleep
So little time to play...due to work :v
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