A new warrior can be 6* awakened!

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User Info: Steven_Cynthia

9 months ago#1
It's Fina


On the bright side the Story Characters Only Vortex is opening up
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User Info: shadowhippo1986

9 months ago#2

User Info: Ferozban

9 months ago#3
This is such trolling. i cant believe gumi.

f*** this dumb company....

User Info: The_Sol_Blader

9 months ago#4
I'm laughing for real right now
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User Info: pyrosus

9 months ago#5
More than that...expeditions! I wonder who will be the first on the board to get Adventurer +4

With my luck, it'll probably be someone who's played for 2 months and still has their companion set as Zidane.

Also, moar lapis from story, woot!
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User Info: Renkencen

9 months ago#6
I feel bad for everyone that was expecting WoL this coming week!

User Info: Cloudmcphroni

9 months ago#7
Ok good i can get lapis withot spending money lol..
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User Info: Eblis712

9 months ago#8
Can alternate versions of story characters (like dracu laswell or witch fina) benefit from those exclusive items?

User Info: -Downfall-

9 months ago#9
Gumi trolls HARD

On the brightside, that Adventurer 4 TMR is confirmed. Wonder how we get it in Expedition mode
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  3. A new warrior can be 6* awakened!

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