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  3. Looks like Fryevia > Orlandu boys

User Info: KawaiiU

1 year ago#1

I can already taste the salt

User Info: Xavarir

1 year ago#2
You only need 2 Frye, 1 Marie, and Gilga to make it happen! RIP Orlandu.
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User Info: Chlamydialight

1 year ago#3
I wish i would have gotten lucky and have pulled her instead. -_- her tmr seems nice and u can build her in to an evasion build to frustrate ppl in arena. She can even evade magic so exdeaths gotta watch out as welllol

oh well, cantcomplain about free...

User Info: FallenBlue

1 year ago#4
As much as I would like Fryevia, the real appeal for me of Orlandu is the nostalgia. Hard-core Grandpa.

As a FFBE unit, Fryevia holds slightly more appeal for me than Olive, just because she has a couple Easter cutscenes.

User Info: Cloudmcphroni

1 year ago#5
Gumi oh gumi youre toying with our emotion.

Looks like killer effect works for magic in hybrid damage calculation.

Rip orlandu..
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User Info: The_Evil_Elf

1 year ago#6
The real answer is she is amazing and as good as Orlandu. Her best in slot already exists, whereas Orlandu will be getting significant extra boosts from new TMR's. Also, switching from DEF break and Embolden to SPR break and Meditate isn't completely insignificant.

She is definitely amazing and very unique. Anyone that pulls her should definitely start stacking letters and arms for sure.
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User Info: Lazz3k

1 year ago#7
I wouldn't call that better, rather on par. Considering the survivability. Also, considering more will habe light weapons (ie I have 3 excaliburs), other attackers get a 50% boost to damage. So maybe on a 1 for 1 the damage output is larger, but one has to consider the team as a whole.

User Info: asimplefuture

1 year ago#8
I don't know Fryevia's movesets at all, but I feel like Light elemental chaining is far easier for most people 'cause Excaliburs, Durandals, and Holy Lances...and that's why Orlandeau shines so much. The chaining and Light Resistance debuff.
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User Info: FedEx_Corp

1 year ago#9
So to be the best, you need to get 4x Fryevia to create 2x monsters.

User Info: Ferozban

1 year ago#10
Besides orlandu can chain 28times with another Orlandu, she can only do 2 chain with another Fryevia
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  3. Looks like Fryevia > Orlandu boys
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