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3 years ago#1
Was thinking of writing a FAQ for this, not sure if it's FAQ worthy but I was bored and typed this up this morning. Let me know if it's useful or should be submitted as a FAQ. tl;dr it takes a LONG time to get 100% for anything worth getting to 100%

Trust farming 101

So what is trust?
Trust is a metric of the game that slowly builds over time, all summoned characters have it, story characters (Rain, Lasswell, Fina) do not.

What is trust good for?
Each character has a reward (TMR) associated with trust when they master it (100%), some of these rewards are useful some not so useful, this write up is not going to talk about which are good and which are not and if you want to know who has what simply look at the character's stat page and see at the bottom or look at one of the wikis online to know who has what.
Trust is also good for farming material, after a battle when the spoils of war pop up it will do a trust roll, where there is a percentage chance you get an extra material based on the person's trust so if they have a 100% trust rate you get an extra item always, and this is done with each of the characters in your party so 5 characters at 100% means 5 free items and unfortunately the story characters have zero chance to get anything. Also as far as I know vortex dungeons do not give extra rewards for trust, however you still can gain a trust increase.

What is farming?
Farming is the tedious act of doing battle after battle to try and get what you want, note that word tedious because it is, as a result we want to maximize the gain for a minimal amount of effort.

Great, how do I farm trust?
Just fight battles.

Ok, how do I avoid the tedious aspect?
You don't, it is going to be tedious regardless, however there are ways to make it a bit less tedious. Trust increases do not have any modifiers associated with them for the length of battle, the strength of battle, or the NRG used in the battle. So choose the quickest and cheapest battle you can do, which luckily everyone can do and this is Earth Shrine 1 NRG 2 fight battle. Whlie exploration missions are what you use for farming material they are really horrible for farming trust because you it only checks for an increase after the exploration is finished not after every fight in the exploration. Other than the Earth Shrine though there are no other good places to farm for trust, in the future there supposedly are items/creatures which help speed this along however I can't read Japanese so I can't say how useful these will be compared to Earth Shrine.

How long until I got that rightous Excalibur sword for my Cecil?
This is kicker... a while. The Kongbakpao site says the rate is roughly a 10% chance to increase your trust, so I'm going to go with that until I see otherwise. Now you only increase trust by increments of 0.1% too, so to increase from 0% to 100% you need to have it increase 1000 times! It gets worse, because there's only a 10% chance it'll increase that means you need to finish 10,000 battles (on average) to get that TMR.

Ugh, 10000 Earth Shrine battles? There's no other way?
Yes there are, but the level of "tediousness" varies based on circumstances. For instance if you combine characters that are the same, you get 5% trust plus whatever trust they others have. So if you have 1 Cecil with 3.5% trust, another Cecil with 1.5% trust, and 3 Cecils with 0% trust if you combine them together you will have one Cecil with 25% trust (3.5 + 1.5 + 4*5 = 25). The problem comes in how many Cecil characters you actually have, you might only have 1, in which case you're hosed and have to do 10,000 battles to get his TMR. Sometimes though you draw mulitple characters so it makes sense to use them as a group so that you can gain overall trust faster.
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User Info: sfsuphysics

3 years ago#2
(part 2 since the original was too long)

Gain faster? I thought you said the rate was fixed.
It is, however if you have 5 characters, each character takes a 10% chance to get an increase of 0.1%, so on average you have a 50% chance to have one of your characters will get a gain, do note this is an average chance and the RNGods will smite you for the sin of lust if you take it too much to heart! (Translation: I've had times when I've done 10 battles and didn't gain a single trust increase for anyone). Now expand this to an situation where you have just 1 duplicate character in your party, then if you want the TMR for one of them you decrease the number of battles you need to fight by more than half!

Ok... I'm now interested...
With 2 Cecils you have an average of 20% chance of increasing 0.1% during battle, so 1000 increases needed at a rate of 20% is 5000 battles, however because the goal is fuse them together eventually you need to take into account that extra 5% you get. so 100% - 5% = 95% => 950 battles needed, at a rate of 20% that's 4750 battles. If you have 3 Cecils it turns out to be 3000 battles, 4 Cecils 2125 battles, 5 Cecils 1600 battles which is a factor of more than 6 times less battles!

Great! 5 Cecils and I'll have 5 Excaliburs!?
Uhhh.. no. You're going to fuse all the Cecils together, and none of them will get to 100% on their own, so you'll only get the reward for the single combined Cecil that has 100%. With 5 characters you're going to get 20% bonus from fusing, and the trust of the 5 combined needs to add up to 80%, so you can have one at 25%, another at 15%, two at 10% and another at 20% or whatever combo of trust you have as long as it adds up to 80% when you fuse 5 of them together you're going to get 100% trust and get a single shiny Excalibur. If you want 5 Excaliburs you're going to need to do 10,000 battles on average with all 5 Cecils in your group, sorry.

But wait if I order in the next 5 minutes...
You get 1 NRG! But don't forget there is another trust usage, farming materials. In which case you'll want (ideally) 5 characters with 100% each, the upside is you don't need to have 5 of the same character to do this.

Great... so 10k battles again.
Yes and no. Chances are you are not going to get 5 "rare" characters (3-5*, needs Summon ticket or 500 Lapis) to 100% very quickly. However junk characters (1-2* that cost 200 friend points) you very well might get a ton of them. So fusing a bunch together to get the 5% increase actually becomes a little less tedious than trying to actually farm trust, while yes you can do that as well with a group of 5 Rizers and then any additional ones you get fuse into one of them, chances are you can summon them faster than you can raise their trust as these are the most common characters and most people would rather not spend the 100 Lapis to increase their pool of characters by 5 each time, the only exception to this would be the quasi-rare 2-3* characters as there are a few with TMRs that are worth getting, and since those aren't as common to draw you might want to keep them.

Friend points are relatively easy to gain too, ask for them as your friend bonus, or just farm friend points by choosing a compainion that is a friend, if there is a special weekend going on that gives 5x the friend points, then every battle is 50FP (assuming you don't run out of friends, they do take time to recharge), so you can really rack up the FP! However, depending upon your overall goal, I might wait off using the FP because the FP summons also include Gil snappers and Metal Cactaurs which would affect your ability to get other characters.

User Info: sfsuphysics

3 years ago#3
(final part)

Ok, I think I got everything down, but how long will it take to get me my Excalibur?
Well it depends upon how dedicated you are. If you play, put the game down for a while, then play again you're essentially wasting NRG which is what is ultimately going to dictate the time it takes because once your NRG is full you don't gain anymore. Now there are various rewards and bonuses that you could get that increases that but lets keep things simple and see how long will it take to regenerate all that NRG, and again we're going to ignore your total pool, because if you have 60 or 30 it really is a tiny difference anyways. Ok math time, 1600 NRG to regenerate at a rate of 1 per 5 minutes, that 8000 minutes or 133.33 hours, or 5.56 days if you play constantly, people sometimes like to sleep (or they die while playing a game!!!) so probably figure a little bit longer than that. If you have a single Cecil, those 10000 battles will take a little over than 1 month of constant playing waiting for NRG to regerate. So yeah, it will take a LONG time, but again it's not supposed to be quick, it will take some time to get great rewards like Excalibur, you want rewards from the "trash" characters (1-2*) then yeah you can combine them and get those to 100% in almost no time, but the best TMR you get is probably Rizers 10% HP, which is ok but hardly worth the time required since there very well could be a recipe for it in the future.

Bottom line is trust takes a while to farm for rewards that are worth getting, Excalbur, Barrage, Flare, etc. For scrubs just to farm materials it's considerably easier.

User Info: GrandJon

3 years ago#4
And don't forget to macro
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User Info: jasonb619

3 years ago#5
Pretty good overview. On 1 hand it sounds depressing, but the longer the game goes on.. the higher chance of duplicates so if planned accordingly most can avoid 10,000 battles.

User Info: docsmail

3 years ago#6
Nice! but don't have many characters with good TM beside Kain and Luna, am waiting to reach a team of 5 before starting.
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User Info: BelgarathGFRPG

3 years ago#7
This is the weekend for TMR farming, 5x Friend Points again.

User Info: Aeramis

3 years ago#8
Sticky requested

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User Info: Simonides

3 years ago#9
Thanks for the write-up; nice job!

1 comment is that I would never spend my grinding cycles on FP characters - over time, we're going to get so many points and pulls that you'll be able to get their TM just from fusing alone. Better to spend the grinding cycles on premium summons that you're a lot less likely to get dupes for.
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3 years ago#10
Aeramis posted...
Sticky requested



One note tho, the main characters CAN in fact get a trust bonus chest, but not sure their rate.... I imagine it is very low as I've only gotten it once and have only heard one other player mention it.
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