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  3. I started a couple of days ago and have a couple of questions

User Info: KuraldGalain

5 months ago#1
1) How does the difficulty relate to your level / drops?
I.e. the first time you do combat after the tutorial your party members tell you to go back to town after like 10 minutes so I'm worried story content might be balanced around not fighting much and approaching this like an mmorpg where you spend a substantial amount of time in combat means story content will be super easy.

2) Which of the skills are weapon specific and which can be used with other weapons and is there in game a way to distinguishing them (e.g. different icon or different border color in the skill tree or something)?

3) What's HNM?
I see this abbreviation a lot and after googling it I can't find a single site telling me what it means (no spoilers please)
And are there any other abbreviations I should know to understand guides, etc. better?
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User Info: Breezy_Style

5 months ago#2
3. https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/734608-sword-art-online-hollow-fragment/69386255
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User Info: Akata

4 weeks ago#3
  1. The game is pretty generic, having location based difficulty rule and all. What that does mean, say when you've level 30 and have the appropriate gear for level 30 or below and you went to the first area, those little fries would still be the same level as they were before, so no matter what level you are the enemies level and strength would always be the same as where they are (my a bit long playtime and experience do the job for me, around 300ish hours). That's the case for Main game mode play but for Multiplayer they scale with the difficulty you chose, if you choose normal then the said level monsters would follow the rule, so on to Nightmare (say you select an area with average level of 100 and you chose nightmare diff. which suitable for 75 level players or so, so the result would be around 150 i think, i don't put much thought on level gap unless it's TOO high like 1-200 or so, that would wipe me out in one shot if I didn't have the APPROPRIATE gear, battle skill, stat and companion. As for the drop, it's just luck really (RNG). As far as experience can tell it's more on quantity that you do than the quality of the battle you do. For that 10 minutes go back to town things it just the story thing.
  2. Weapon Skills, like One-handed sword's Sonic Leap has it's icon on it's left (a one-handed sword), no matter where you check them from, Skill Tree - Palette Mastery - and the other one that I forgot. And all the other weapon type. For the color, I forgot about them too, but for Special Sword Skills, like Ultimate Sword Skill have their icon a bit special, and all Weapon skill have their Roles i.e Charge type, Combo type, Ulti type; you could know it when you see the description (how to do that is just check your control mapping and you should find it, default one should be the button beside the Start button if you use Gamepad but if you use keyboard then check it yourself).
  3. HNM: Hyper Named Monster, a special type of monster that has 2 or more HP bar that could be said a boss some sort of the area you encountered it in, sometimes relevant with quests sometimes not, but frequently carry a special drop that is either weapon, armor or just plain nothing but some exp (this one could be wrong however as i haven't encountered any HNM that doesn't drop anything). There are those types of HNM that when you near them (mostly so) or you arrived at the entrance area you're in, a system warning would appear noticing you that the surrounding player should take refuge or fight together to beat it. Those are Fragment type HNMs that appear over time and some would need you to clear some Event Fragments near the area you're in (2-3 mostly) first to get them spawn. Those that need some EF to clear to spawn have a large area of range in the world map and are easy enough than the other one and you should get them, as they drop blue tier gears, could be armor or weapons, to beat the no EF HNM one. SSC stands for Sword Skill Chain, you'll know it if you've cleared Hollow Fragment with different name (OSS-Original Sword Skill) but in case you're not, it's a combo of several sword skills to get high damage asap. Your base max ssc would be 3, but it would go beyond after you equip some armors, some passive skills, bonus for selecting one weapon type and have max mastery level proficiency. DDD stands for Deep Data Domain if you have the latest DLC, Abyss of the Shrine Maiden 3 for PC and PS4 I think, but you should have them both automatically. DDD is an endgame content so just play at your pace, no need to rush honestly.
I suppose that for the you right now you shouldn't need this info after 3 months you post those question, but for newbie it should help to some extent or those that hadn't played the game.
Is it always start with 0 and ends with 10? It shouldn't be, it should be (your choice here).
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  2. Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization
  3. I started a couple of days ago and have a couple of questions
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