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User Info: damienjakk

1 month ago#1
Hello, just a quick question regarding Pierce Guard. Not sure what I changed but my Kunais and Shurikens no longer do damage to a blocking opponent. I could have sword the "Pierce Guard Ranged Attacks" I have on my Rifle was doing it, but I must have reforged something that took it away. Anyone know what I have to hunt down again to get this effect back? I'm on WotN if that matters.

User Info: SuperVergil

1 month ago#2
I recall you can try to see if it is available among those effects you can reforge with the various "Umbracite", if you're not having luck with the bows/rifles drops.
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User Info: Lupinos

1 month ago#3
Do some twilight missions or random encounters to get umbracite and when selecting the weapon in reforge menu of blacksmith - use triangle instead of X so you temper instead of reforge.

Shouldn't be too hard to get it on your bow/rifle/cannon again.
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