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User Info: MegaLotusEater

4 months ago#1
Currently on my first play through and loving it.

The most rewarding aspect of Nioh is replaying challenging bosses, and breezing through them with your now mastered strategy.

Just replayed Okatsu and took her down without taking a hit.

Have also replayed Hino-Enma and Giant Toad and defeat both without taking hits, without much difficulty. What a feeling of satisfaction!

Next I want to try the White Tiger on zero hits...

User Info: og_megaman

3 months ago#2
Most rewarding is PvP with friend on strength using your builds

User Info: Lupinos

3 months ago#3
Very nice MegaLotusEater. I agree that it's pretty rewarding. Most rewarding for me is when you get stuck and spend quite some time and then finally develop the strategy and take them out - it's a kind of release I've only ever gotten by jumping off roofs and attempting (and admittedly failing) to run on walls.
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and again, while expecting different results. (As defined by Einstein)
Maybe we're all a little crazy.

User Info: SuperVergil

3 months ago#4
Yeah, TC. This is something Nioh shares with the likes of Bloodborne; there's nothing quite as satisfying as kicking the ass of that damn enemy that used to give you trouble.
Currently busy with Nioh.
Platinum trophies: https://imgur.com/TiEZwEL
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