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  3. Know any good rage-fueled lets plays?

User Info: DeadBankerDream

4 months ago#1
Recently watched a lets play of Dark Souls where the dude just raged all the way through and it lit a fire in me for more content like that.

Not DPS levels of whining and quitting and bulls***ting his viewers (would actually prefer a proper lets play rather than just a stream playthrough, but either is fine), but just something where a volcano can explode at any cheeky little thing the next enemy does.
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User Info: Lupinos

4 months ago#2
I don't usually watch others play, but I do know there's all manner of videos out there. From folks who make high DPS builds that basically one-shot everything to balanced builds to players who intentionally nerf themselves to use combat skills to chip away at the enemies quite stylishly.

XLHGladiator is one of those who does the stylish play - intentionally doing low enough damage that they can do multiple combos per enemy and can kill them beautifully.

PWARGaming is one that does a lot of build videos and tends to make the high damage builds that just melt everything.

And there's all manner of folks in between. Kagerasimaru is another name I've heard thrown around along with FightinCowboy, Feardude, Fear, and White ... Something... I don't usually watch streams so I forget their full name, I apologize for that.

I'm sorry I don't have more specific details - I've just never been much one to watch others do things I could do instead. It's why I don't watch sports on tv.

I hope you find the kind of entertainment you are looking for ;)
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User Info: raver331

3 months ago#3
Btw OP, which lets play for Dark souls are you talking about? Got me curious.

User Info: Foxhound3857

3 months ago#4

There you go.
And you will all live to grow and thrive and lead happy lives...
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