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User Info: LancetJades

1 month ago#11
Its really not worth it to farm amrita for the focus levels unless you're playing through the Abyss to clear all 999 floors. I got my last 150 or so levels and all 1000 focus levels clearing the Abyss, and I reached Focus 1000 around floor 900.

If you are set on farming them without going deep into the Abyss, well... good luck. Or good patience, rather.
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User Info: SuperVergil

1 month ago#12
"The Demon King Revealed" (Omi Region) should be good enough for farming Amrita, that used to be my favourite spot even on WotN, since by the time I cleared it I had enough Amrita for 3-4 Focus levels, it's also a 7-10 minutes run, nothing too time-consuming.

Also, what's this I hear about Revenant dropping s***loads of Amrita? If someone's going to tell me that our Revenants drop to other players the Amrita we have on ourselves when we die, I could theoretically greatly help Aurora-Silver with the farming, since I no longer have any use for Amrita, but I still stash away what I get.

EDIT #2:
This doesn't have any relevance to the topic, but since I'm kind of stressed by the amount of failed attempt at clearing Abyss floors in the "490 range", I need to let this out - Date Shigezane can rot in hell.
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