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User Info: Ravenxeo

2 months ago#1
I am, literally right now, half way through 'Spirit Stone Slumbers' and am enjoying myself greatly. I've done every sub mission and even the Twilight Mission for the first level.
Rocking an Oodachi and some dual swords, now that i'm used to the game i find it quite easy to run over many enemies (the first real level provided so much frustration that i almost quit, once i stopped feeling the need to fight every revenant the game got easier XD).

But i was wondering how necessary 'builds' were..?
I see people throwing out acronyms and numbers and damage values i didn't think were possible let alone needed to beat abyss bosses.
Will i need to invest in one to beat the story and dlc? or can i just wing it like i did in DS1 and worry about stat spread later..?
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User Info: gozioso

2 months ago#2
You don't really need to start worrying about builds until the Way of the Demon (third difficulty level). I would not recommend trying the DLC missions immediately after finishing the main game. I made that mistake, and the first DLC absolutely kicked my ass.

User Info: SGRM

2 months ago#3
The build topics are generally End-game discussions - post WotN stuff usually.

For your first playthrough just get all stats to 20 (starting with Spirit to 11 as your first priority) and then kill a few revenants to equip Warrior of the West and keep it current as you go.

Also, don't summon visitors to help as there is a 95% chance they will be OP and just 2-shot the boss for you.
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User Info: Lupinos

2 months ago#4
Just keep your equipment leveled up to the level of the loot that drops and that'll be just fine for the first 2 difficulties. For the 3rd and 4th you may want to add damage modifiers onto your melee weapons - 5th difficulty a build is recommended but not quite necessary; the abyss does almost require you create and optimize a build, though (for floors 40+)

I would recommend just getting all stats to 20 on your first playthrough. I do have a document to help with the acronyms and understanding the modifiers and such.

DLC is tough, but doable. Some skip it until they have better equipment, some get equipment from the DLC to beat the DLC, and some just shove their way through it.

Welcome to the party.
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  3. Really love this game so far~
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