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User Info: atrixospithikos

2 months ago#1
I got all agyo ones yet there are still attributes to put points into. I’m only missing a few from ungyo, the last 4 to be precise but I had more points and only two things left to put points too. I want to know if the rest of the points are in the pvp tree or if that’s just the way it is. Problem with pvp is that I never got matched up. I can only find people in coop.

User Info: Lupinos

2 months ago#2
I didn't focus too much on titles, but from what i hear it is normal. One you run out of stuff to choose from and the other you run out of points to spend way sooner.

I think all i have left are the pvp and clan titles. You can scroll through the title list and see what you are missing.
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User Info: SGRM

2 months ago#3
You can't max out the points. You are left with 2 or 3 incomplete options.
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User Info: atrixospithikos

2 months ago#4
Ah ok, thanks. That’s where I am at I have two left in the tree that I’m only missing the last titles and I got 3 left in the tree I got every title
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