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User Info: supertecmobowl

9 months ago#1
Which game is harder? Bloodborne or Nioh? - Results (191 votes)
Bloodborne is harder.
34.03% (65 votes)
Nioh is Harder.
55.5% (106 votes)
They're both the same difficulty.
10.47% (20 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Which game is harder? Or are they equal difficulty?
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User Info: Kenneth_Writer

9 months ago#2
They're different types of hard.

Bloodborne for instance has static equipment and you need specific stats in order to be able to use new gear or open up your options.

While it does have a RNG factor with blood gems, that is far less than Nioh's equipment.

It is entirely possible to play the entire game at BL4 and not have your combat abilities hindered because weapons have the full skillset available if you can use the weapon.

If you tried to do a level 1 playthrough in Nioh, you would have your entire build crippled entirely because you need to level in order to get points to unlock different abilities, unlock new dojo missions to get even better skills, and the game is dependant on your equipment for its levels and skills for how well you can actually play.

Nioh is designed to have intensive grinding to get the perfect piece of equipment for your build, however Bloodborne has that... Only to enhance your build, which is entirely finished far quicker because all gear in that game is either found in set locations, or bought from the shop for doing specific things in the game, and they're static.

In Bloodborne, it also encourages the player to be more aggressive with the health regen system, whereas in Nioh, you usually find yourself getting killed over and over again if you try to approach it in a similar way, and even if you have a build that restores health for every kill, it will not help you in battle in anywhere near the same way the health regen system works in Bloodborne.

Also, the way you're approaching bosses and enemies in general is a very different mindset, such as in Bloodborne you more or less need to go all out, wildly attack the enemy and just dodging left or right now and then.

In Nioh, it is far more important to actually learn how the enemies fight since you can't consistently keep your health higher if you just avoid getting hit for a few seconds.

However, if your gear simply isn't kept up to date, then your damage dwindles to scratch damage, you can be oneshot by even weak enemies and you need to invest heavily in order to keep your specific gear, or try to continually adapt to new gear, forge it by farming the same areas time and time again to get the right materials, etc.

Oh, and I forgot to mention this.

On a fundamental level, Bloodborne encourages players to just keep attacking over and over, you don't have the ability to block, and the only shield in the base game was a joke that did next to nothing with a description that actively made fun of the player for even trying to block.

Nioh however has a full damage block on all of the weapons, but it instead goes for ki and can allow the player to either go all out, or in a slower and more methodical pace, since they're also looking for hidden things in the level and quite a few enemies cannot be dodged and have to be blocked.

The player needs to learn how different enemies need to be approached and it gives more build variety since you can be a tank that can't be knocked over, a glass cannon that can destroy enemies but also be destroyed easily, or more of a middle.

In Bloodborne, armour is VERY similar and the differences are literally only a few points different, and it's to the point that armour may as well have the exact stats and be purely cosmetic, which is another huge difference between the games.

User Info: Spinder1

9 months ago#3
I think Nioh is much harder. Even if you put tons of points into health you can still get one and two shot really easily. Some enemies just have crazy crazy high damage. Hino-Enma compared with the early game BB bosses is a perfect example of how much more punishing this game is. Your healing is a lot more limited than the Vials in Bloodborne and there's also no rallying, though checkpoints are admittedly much closer together. I'm pretty sure I died over 150 times on my first Nioh playthrough, not including the DLC or the endgame challenges such as the double boss fights, while Bloodborne's base game bosses barely killed me 10 times all combined.

That said, I acknowledge that this is because of my preferred playstyle, I never like using magic or items or any ability with a strict limitation on it such as LW. From what I hear you can probably make Nioh easier than Bloodborne if you make use of things like quick change and sloth, at least until NG+ kicks in. But that's not something I enjoy. This game is great played as a pure action game, and played like that it's a lot harder than BB imo.
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User Info: victorgpm

9 months ago#4
I'm pretty sure people with lot experiences in soulsborne will, well most of them I think, vote for Nioh. That's because their gameplays are actually very different. Bloodborne, same with other souls series, want you to learn to dodge, parry, and learn the boss pattern. Nioh, on the other hand, want you to grind through all the armor set, magic, weapon, etc.

That's it. Seriously, you dont need to learn any boss pattern in Nioh, you need to learn your tools. When I stuck in Nioh's boss, I farm for weapon, accessories and armor, not level.
In Bloodborne, on the other hand, you can try any weapon you want but the game still want you to learn how to dodge, parry, and time your attack.

User Info: Lupinos

9 months ago#5
Even if played as a pure action game... i think nioh is way easier. Bloodbourne and dark souls aren't responsive enough, you can't block, and you can't cancel out of a move.

There's too mich of a delay from button press to action.

Without using any ninjutsu, magic, or LW (which all make the game infinitely easier) nioh is still significantly easier than darksouls/bb.

In nioh, i can apply my ninja gaiden strategies to take out the enemies and bosses just fine. Same strategies in ds/bb? I'm yelling at my character asking it if it is stupid because i pressed the f'n button and all he did was finger himself and prepare to move before getting squashed.

Nioh is crazy easy compared to bb/ds. Nioh is not easy, but compared to ds/bb is super easy.

User Info: turkforever6

9 months ago#6
Lol Nioh easy. In way of the nioh?
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User Info: aubigblue

9 months ago#7
Lupinos posted...
Even if played as a pure action game... i think nioh is way easier. Bloodbourne and dark souls aren't responsive enough, you can't block, and you can't cancel out of a move.

There's too mich of a delay from button press to action.

This x1000 ^ I've owned BB for like a year and a half but couldn't get into a groove and even make it to the cleric beast til a day ago. Whereas Nioh was my first soulsborne-esque action RPG and the responsiveness completely clicked for me.
Not much motivation to beat Nioh for the 5th time at this point so trying to get into BB finally, and oh man the delay and 30fps compared to how fluid Nioh is at 60 are really tough to deal with.

User Info: Lupinos

9 months ago#8
I still haven't ever beaten souls or bloodbourne. Played a bit of ds2 and ds3, and bb... never beat any of them.

I have 3 missions to go to clear way of the nioh, and the dojo missions. All other difficulties are completely cleared.

Nioh is infinitely easier than souls or bb.

I expect my game to react to me and soulsbourne just doesn't. It feels blocky and broken. Like I'm playing on the n64.

Nioh is the kind of game I've been waiting for. It's my onimusha fix that's been eating at me 14 years or so.

Souls is just... difficult, broken, and hard to get into because it won't f'n listen to anything i tell it.

There's a reason the 2 weapons i don't use are axe/odachi. I can't handle slow pace and i can't handle when i say stop or swing and it refuses.

You can complete WotD and most of WotW without ever blacksmithing aside from soul matching. It's at that point you need to learn about change to attack, and that one boost can let you complete WotN and clear WotD.

Now i just tripled my damage and am looking to go further in the abyss. I'm only at floor 90 yet. The ultimate dark realm experience.

Nioh is way easier, i love this game.

User Info: Kenneth_Writer

9 months ago#9
Personally I find Souls easier than Nioh, I was able to do advanced challenges in them, such as 8 back to back no bonfire and no death runs in Dark Souls 2 while I was level 1. (You got a set of rings to prove you did both challenges, and the game maxed out on how difficult it is on NG+7.)

Also things like a no shield and no heal level 6 playthrough in Dark Souls 1.

In Nioh, I NEED to level, whereas I'm at the point in the Souls games where I can basically go through the game unscathed regardless of my level.

User Info: Deku Tree

Deku Tree
9 months ago#10
Hard question to answer. Nioh is harder on base difficulty to do the hardest missions.

But Nioh has crazy scaling and buffing so that you can one shot anything even the Abyss at floor 999.

Bloodborne out scales you so that on NG+7 you better know the bosses move set and never get hit and slowly chip away.

Overall I think Nioh bosses are faster and harder if your not over leveled.
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