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User Info: TheDuskwalker

5 years ago#1

Rough translation (not done by me)
Reporter: After << King of Fighters 14 >> was announced on TGS, the fact that Kyo and Yagami has a distinct change in appearance and demeanor has raised a storm of controversy among players, and many players prefer the traditional look; what is your take on this?

Yasuyuki Oda: We’ve gathered a lot of opinions from fans there. KOF XIV is made new after Ash’s arc, that’s why lots of time, research and discussion went into the character designing process. In accordance to the story plot and overall, all the little distinctions with characters and etc are all finalized discussions for it to come to be. Even though it looks rather different, but it’s believed that it will only takes some practical maneuvering with Kyo and Yagami to easily regain that sense of familiarity.

Reporter: How many characters is <<KOF 14>> going to release?

Yasuyuki Oda: Apologies, that’s information that cannot be disclosed for the time being, but as mentioned before, new works will inherit the KOF franchise’s story-rich characters, so please look forward to it!
Reporter: In the KOF franchise, which of the works is the one you’re more satisfied with and why?

Yasuyuki Oda: I personal prefer <<KOF’94>> best, even though it’s already considered a common piece amongst KOF works, but at that time, “The Legend of the Wild Wolf”, “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” and other popular characters in SNK gathered together in a single game feels like a fantasy. Without <<KOF 94>>’s success, King of Fighters couldn’t have made it as a franchise. Also, without KOF94’s position fixed characteristic of ‘story-rich characters’, ‘3 on 3 team battle’ system, this franchise’s popularity wouldn’t have went on as long as it did.

[There is a Chinese representative participating in a KOF 98 friendly spar.]

Reporter: As a card-deck-based game, do you think <<KOF 98OL>> reaches your standard in terms of satisfaction>

Yasuyuki Oda: Despite characters being turned Q-style (chibi), the skill set and ultimate moves can still reflect important elements of the character’s personality and that’s a good enough remake. Also, the background and cross-universe design are all done with painstaking detail and gives out the general vibe of KOF, and it shows the developers love for KOF. To us it’s a piece worthy of reference, and a good stimulation of excitement.

Reporters: Is there anything you would like to say to players in China?
Yasuyuki: Despite being to China numerous times, every time I’m amazed by how popular the KOF franchise is in the country, still. To repay the long and devoted support of KOF fans, we will continue making even better work pieces for all of you to look forward to.

Also according to forum where I found this, this guy was the director of arcade SFIV and battle designer of that game, and game designer for SSFIV and SFxT.

Anyway, sounds like this will be the start of a new story arc.

User Info: TheDuskwalker

5 years ago#2
Proper translation.

Reporter: TGS “KOF 14&#8243; – after the announcement, due to changes to the protagonist Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami, there was a lot of controversy, many players have talked about the classic image – how do you see this?

Yasuyuki Oda: We also received a variety of comments from fans there. KOF XIV is another new chapter after the Ash saga, so the character design also takes a long time for testing and discussion. Through the story and integration with other characters and other aspects of discussions, the design changes. Although it seems not the same, as long as the actual gameplay of Kyo Kusanagi or Iori Yagami is intact, I believe fans will soon find a familiar feeling.

Reporter: Would like to ask, how many characters will be in The King of Fighters 14?

Yasuyuki Oda: Sorry. On this point we cannot disclose anything, but as said earlier, the new work will inherit the DNA of the KOF series with the characters of all unique personalities, so please look forward to it!

Reporter: In the KOF series, which is personally most satisfying to you? What is the reason?

Yasuyuki Oda: I personally still like “KOF’94”, even compared to the current KOF works we have been accustomed to. At the time, when “Fatal Fury”, “Art of Fighting” and other popular SNK characters were gathered in a game, I really liked the fantastic feeling. If “KOF’94” had not been successful, the KOF series would have never continued. Also, there is in “KOF ’94” the establishment of the characteristics of “characters that are unique in personalities”, “3on3 team battle” and the “System”; these things made the popularity of this series continue ever since.

User Info: Zokuto_Nanaya

5 years ago#3
TheDuskwalker posted...
Anyway, sounds like this will be the start of a new story arc.

So no Ash Saga dream match game? Booo....
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User Info: Vulcan422

5 years ago#5
Had a feeling it wouldn't be a Dream Match for the Ash Saga. They seem quite intent on making sure Falcoon's legacy is buried in the past.
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User Info: NVRmind

5 years ago#6
Yeah, f*** Falcoon's handywork, time to get KoF back into action.

I hope the OG designer will aim for higher quality design than Street Fighter IV and KoF '94 for this installment.

User Info: NVRmind

5 years ago#7
I wonder how much he was involved in the development of The King of Fighters '96?

User Info: Brocken_Jr

5 years ago#8
uhoh, not a dreammatch...no god rugal adelheid rock howard team for me XD
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User Info: Izanagidonutz

5 years ago#9
Why do people think Falcoon was in charge of the Ash Saga tho. He just designed Ash's outfit, directed Maximum Impact, made a few other characters people actually like and left.

That said I'm happy for the move on to the next plot because Ash Saga wasn't that great story wise anyway. Kinda hoping that Ash and Saiki getting erased from exsitance changed some things in the past and would give silly reasons that Kyo hair is black because he has different parents of something lol
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