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User Info: Yub93

1 month ago#1
Hi guys just started the game since it was so acclaimed. I read there are 3 endings based on what you do on your playthrough. Also I heard if you get a genocide ending before a true pacifist one you ll get a soulless pacifist ending? So should I start my first run and try to achieve the true one before getting the others? Also 1 last thing. Since to get dat one ending I should spare all the enemies = no exp and no money. Would dat be boring further in the game? Thnx
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User Info: NextGen_TB

1 month ago#2
If you care about getting all the endings, then yes, you should get the pacifist ending before the genocide ending (and then do pacifist again). The neutral ending also has a ton of variations depending on what you do in the game.

To clarify, you do get money from sparing enemies, but not EXP. No, it doesn't make the game boring. If anything, the genocide run is the most boring, tedious run.
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User Info: madmatt

3 weeks ago#3
I agree. Pacifist run is where this game shines.
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User Info: Raven_Cyarm

3 weeks ago#4
I really wish people wouldn't read anything about the game before playing it. Being blind enhances the enjoyment so much more, especially when it defies expectations.
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