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User Info: NextGen_TB

2 months ago#1
We in Smash
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User Info: HotshotDougB

2 months ago#2
Nope. There's no stage. There's no moves. There's a cheap skin that calls itself Sans, but that's about it. It'd be like if I create a Mii of Peter Griffin and said HEY GUYS, MY MII FIGHTER MEANS FAMILY GUY IS IN SMASH.

Sans is not in Smash. Deal with it.
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User Info: Inferno00

2 months ago#3
The lack of unique moves is unfortunate but the skin isn't cheap. It's so much more detailed then the usual Mii costume that I have a feeling that at one point in development, Sans was intended as a DLC fighter but then they changed their mind after making his model.
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User Info: CarbonButtflap

1 month ago#4
It's a skin dude.
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