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  3. Do you keep one of each top tier Pokemon, or multiple?
PhoenixFire99 5 months ago#1

Curious as to how you all go about this, given there's different movesets and all. Or do you only care about having and investing all your time and resources into just the one poke?
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DKU_Arich 5 months ago#2
I'm pretty lame and generally just power up the one Pokemon. I have a few duplicates (hi Rhyperior) but typically whatever duplicates I do have usually aren't of the top tier variety*

However, if the game blessed me with them, I would in a heartbeat raise more than 1 Galarian Darmanitan or Lucario (I have a hundo and a 15/15/14 respectively and they've proven to be some of the most useful ones in my collection)

Same goes for shadows; I've got some pretty great ones. Shadow Electivire, Mamoswine, and Metagross absolutely demolish. Electivire in particular has proven to be extremely useful to me (I've even solo'd the water grunt who has Quagsire) -- would definitely invest in more if I can.

*to elaborate on duplicates. Some of these below mons aren't top tier per se, but I use them nonetheless. I definitely have duplicates of Dragonite, Tyranitar, Gyarados, and Garchomp -- the majority of which respectively have different moveset combos. My main lv50 Garchomp has dragon moves. A second Garchomp was originally a hundo CP1017 Gible, which without investing a single candy into is now a CP3622 Earth Powering monster). One Tyranitar has rock moves but I have another great one with dark moves.
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galeongirl 5 months ago#3
I have teams of 6 for each type of raid boss. But that doesn't mean it's 6 of the same pokémon. If they're clearly superior, sure. But often I just get the less perfect ones and replace them as they go. I used to have a team of 6 Machamp, now I have 5 Lucario and 1 Machamp as my fighting team. Psychic is 6 Mewtwo with Psystrike, Dragon I have 6x Rayquaza and as 2nd team Dialga as they have their different secondary typing to go with. Ice I've 6 Mamo. No need for anything else. And one shadow mamo that's maxed as well so that's first in line. Garchomp 6 because commday, so easy lv40 earth power team. Same with Rock Wrecker Rhyperior, though I already had 6 Smackdown Tyranitar they weren't the best IV so I've replaced them. Dark Tyranitar had 6 as well, are now replaced by Giratina and Darkrai.

Montblanc 5 months ago#4
Only one per species unless it's dual type and its moveset is good enough for both roles, e.g. Mamoswine or Garchomp.
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Sega_System 5 months ago#5
Just one per species. I play as a collector, so once I have one powered up three-star, I'm done.

I also like using variety in my raid teams. I might lose a couple of seconds in the raid, but I enjoy it more than seeing the same thing 6 times.
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Eye_of_Valmar 3 months ago#6
I play as a collector. I dont really care about leveling up too much or battling unless the research calls for it. I just wanna complete pokedex, so generally I get one and done
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GidoDaHitman 3 months ago#7
I collect 6 of each top tiers if I can, max them to 30 and solo raids...if I can
Prism Weapon 3 months ago#8
Multiple definitely. Especially if they are good for raids.
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