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User Info: CChrono

1 month ago#91
Lots of shiny but none have decent IV, so I evolved 3 for future lucky trades.

User Info: p_elias_26

1 month ago#92
Played 4.5 hours on my main and got 5 shinies, played 20 minutes on my alt and got 3. All 8 had terrible IVs not that it matters for him

User Info: GamingVet

1 month ago#93
29 Shinies, no 3 stars. Ai even got a Shiny Snivy from research. Still raked up some major stardust. I caught over 300 Snivys.

User Info: SmokeRulz

1 month ago#94
Did around 2 1/2 hours as usual. Blew through 4 star pieces and had Clear weather the whole time. Big nice.

Caught 7 shinies, with one being 13/13/12. This was my only 3-star shiny when I got like three dozen normal ones.

User Info: DKU_Arich

1 month ago#95
I caught 10 shinies total. The very first shiny I tapped on, which I didn't even know was shiny (I got initially distracted post-tap and looked down only to see it) ended up this:


I was like "WHAT?!" -- I maxed and evolved it, gonna Best Buddy it eventually. It's only a CP 1900-something but it's beautiful. It's only my 3rd 0IV, but my first shiny 0IV. Crazy I got one of these before a shundo.

Edit: also to make things funnier, I was initially not even going to check stats 'til I ran out of box space (something I kept true tbh) but with this shiny I was like "eh, might as well check it". When the stats didn't go up I thought my phone was hiccuping, but then I saw the text animation was smooth and I knew it was legit. I think the closest thing I got to a hundo in general was a 13/15/15 or something. I didn't evolve it; no point.
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User Info: KaZooo

1 month ago#96
Congrats. The sheer rarity of a 0 IV is underestimated. I only have one, at least of when I was keeping track when the current appraisal took place. Before that I was only watching for 3 and 4*, but now I pick up 10cp mons for power up tasks and possibility of a 0 IV.
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User Info: CChrono

1 month ago#97
Shiny 0 is something special.

User Info: TeamAquaGrime

1 month ago#98
Did the snivy event for a little, didn't catch anything good.
Made a super mega buddy pokemon...I honestly don't remember what the levels are for the buddy system.
Hatched a bunch of eggs, didn't hatch anything good. >_>
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User Info: WarLegalomon

1 month ago#99
Only 3 Shiny Snivy on Sunday but I only had time to participate for about an hour. I'm happy enough, tho!

I'm still in need of a Therian Tornadus so I'll be in-game much of the day. Hit me up with the Invites!

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User Info: GamingVet

1 month ago#100
A Gible spawned at home then moments later a Noibat. Kinds crazy.
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