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User Info: -Articuno-

1 month ago#451
Suppose one other thing is while I do try and keep up with gifts, suppose if I haven't opened any I've likely hit the daily limit, which they really should increase not sure what it is either think was 20 last I heard should be increased to 40-50 at least. Would also be nice if they increased the gift limit to 40 that you can hold.
Ones I didn't open I go for first the next day though or as soon as I can.
Add me please.For daily gifts and xp ! Code: 2896 2112 3720 name : mayser98
F.c. 3755-2900-4135

User Info: crazyisgood

1 month ago#453
Best RPG Boss Battle Bracket Nominations https://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/220-rpgs-everything-else/75722929

User Info: jungleman234

1 month ago#454
Need a couple more friends to finish up a research task.
I try to keep up with sending gifts when I can.
Just replenished my remote passes,so I can do some raids.
6898 6704 7596

User Info: WarLegalomon

4 weeks ago#455
I'm almost level 37 and all the Friends I've obtained on this board has greatly helped me to get this far. I started playing again in November 2020 and having a great time. Raids have been so much fun with all of you!

I have nowhere near a full capacity for Friends so I'm looking to add more. Plus, the XP boost from leveling up on friendships is really pretty nice, esp the 50k XP ones!

GO has a max of Open 30 Gifts a Day so I will do my best to open your gift within the week. I cycle thru the list each day, with 3 people that get top priority (my bestest real life buds). I start at the top, go thru 30 gifts, then the next day, I start where I left off the previous day and open 30 gifts, and continue that way until I hit the end of the list (alpha). Then I start again at the top of the list.

I'll do my best to send out Gifts as much as I can. Some days my health is just not good so I don't get out to all the PokeStops within a 1 hour radius walk from me. On those days, I rely on what my Buddy picks up for me to send out.

As for Raids, I love 'em! Sadly, I'm not able to attend all of 'em. I will attend what I can!
When I'm in the Green Online Status, it means I have Remote Raid Passes available. If I'm not Online, that means I'm either out of Remote Passes, or I'm not in game. If I'm Online and I don't respond to the Raid Invite in time, I'm likely sorting thru my Pokemon or in the Battle League or AFK for a few moments.

I have 3 Remote Raid Passes for today (April 14th) and will be getting more tomorrow (April 15th). T-Lando is the priority for today!

Here's my Trainer Code and my buddy's Trainer Code.

GaoRyuki2 (Charlottetown, PEI)
4507 - 0983 - 3086

GHOPS (Jacksonville, FL)
4581 - 7713 - 2379

Have a great day Battling! ^_^

Fave Shows: Arrowverse, Ducktales, Stargate SG1
Playing: Final Fantasy XII: Zodiac Age, Animal Crossing, Trails in the Sky ... Twitter: GaoRyuki

User Info: YubelBuster

4 weeks ago#456

Active Player from germany.

User Info: Nixemo

4 weeks ago#457
3791 - 1670 - 3061 - AlexandriaBrah - Team Mystic

Hello, I am an active daily player in Team Mystic (with three local raid buddy players in Team Instinct) who visits and holds a gym at my job at least 5 days a week and also lives next to and often visits a park with two gyms (one is EX Raid) and a ton of stops. Thus, I have close, frequent access to three raid gyms total, plus a few more gyms and stops not much farther away from those two hotspots. I am level 26 (5k XP until 27) and will send/receive gifts daily as I have very few friends added on the game as of yet. I'll also participate in raids when able, and I have had many successes with level 3 and below raids so far. Thanks for the add in advance! ^-^ I also play Orna the GPS RPG and have gotten to level 173, (another AR GPS game), so PM me if you want to add me and/or join my clan on that game!
"Staying in the same place, just staying out the time,
touching from a distance, further all the time."

User Info: AvlButtslam

3 weeks ago#458
3620 6829 9677 - CoolBeansAvl

I check it at least once a day but I’m pretty casual. Mostly only started playing to supplement what I could catch in Pokémon Shield. I need to swap some gifts tho
Hey kiddies

User Info: madmod1234

3 weeks ago#459
Could use some friends on a new-ish game.

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User Info: AvlButtslam

3 weeks ago#460
Thanks to those who’ve added me already. How do I get more gifts to send, just from Stops? If that’s the case I’m guessing there’s a cap to how many you can hold at once, I was stuck at 20 for a while and haven’t gotten any since. I’ll feel bad if I run out of gifts to send to those who’ve added me 😓
Hey kiddies
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