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User Info: ssbmrocks

1 month ago#1

I don’t know how to read this though, how good/bad is it?
I ask the important questions.

User Info: Mizznox

1 month ago#2
110 power 2-bar move that lasts 3.6 seconds, damage applying at 2.0 seconds. For comparison, it's a slightly slower Blast Burn (though hitting slightly earlier in the animation). It does move Rhyperior just ahead of Terrakion for the #2 Rock DPS. Still well behind Rampardos, though with much more bulk.

In PVP, it's 110 power for 50 energy - straight clone of Blast Burn there, and a straight upgrade over Stone Edge (100 power, 55 energy).

User Info: ssbmrocks

1 month ago#3
Nice. Sounds very worthwhile.
I ask the important questions.

User Info: kingdrake2

1 month ago#4
ssbmrocks posted...
Nice. Sounds very worthwhile.

it's very worthwhile. i might try for a better rhyhorn but have one ready to go when its time.
it's a 3 star but extra stats don't hurt.
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User Info: kyujo

1 month ago#5
Glad I saved my 100%er... know some who are regretting evolving
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User Info: Xenozoa425

1 month ago#6
I'll be trying for one for Ultra League then. I have a perfect Rhyhorn that I'll save for Master League.
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User Info: SmokeRulz

1 month ago#7
I'll have to check my Rhyhorns. I've been using a Smack Down one for a forever, though my poor friend just evolved a 98% one earlier. If he had said something I would have told him to wait.

User Info: Jedibaracuda

1 month ago#8
Nice. This means my hundo Kyogre will have something to farm in ML. j/k.

On the sad end, I did evolve my hundo Rhydon when Sinnoh Stones were released, but I did save my 96 just in case such an event were to occur.
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User Info: kingpin66636

1 month ago#9
Ive got a bunch of hundo rhyhorn ready to go. Goona farm a couple of Shundo oN the day to.
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User Info: sambuca

1 month ago#10
Dang I've evolved and leveled five over the years. Still have 500+ candy ready to go though, so I feel very confident for Saturday.
No way, dude! This is NOT happening again...
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