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User Info: SuperMarioFan

1 month ago#1
I changed the wording around a bit for the topic title. It was driving me crazy. I know I'm not the original OP, but

I've walked some steps today, but no eggs have been hatched as of yet.
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User Info: galeongirl

1 month ago#2
2 Crappy Giratina raids, fought 15 minutes with my PBP before it connected, lucky traded for a 91% Shiny Mewtwo and hatched a second Pansear. Pretty decent day except for the Plus troubles. And the gym near my house became an EX gym so that's brilliant.

User Info: Mizznox

1 month ago#3
Abused some phone shaking to squeeze in a few more hatches at work before the end of the stardust event. One was a Blitzle that got me over the 50 candy mark.

Between new spawn points at home and work and a general lack of time/desire to head downtown to stock up, my ball supply had dwindled down to its lowest point in ages - like 30-45 of each - but finally went and stocked up a bit last night.

User Info: waelreow

1 month ago#4
Got my shiny Mr. Mime!
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User Info: ZNN

1 month ago#5
Going to be in mourning over the end of the boosted dust event for a while. I didn't take nearly as full advantage of that as I should have, but the nights are waaaaaay colder now so the time when I was most able to walk was kinda impeded.

Otherwise I woke up this morning to a Feebas in my home. Didn't get my last device ready in time to catch it on all of them, but still, can't go wrong with more Feebas.

SuperMarioFan posted...
I changed the wording around a bit for the topic title. It was driving me crazy. I know I'm not the original OP, but

Oh yeah, that was an issue. Guess I eventually just got used to it.

User Info: kingdrake2

1 month ago#6
yep it has gotten colder. the past few mornings was tolerable. as for today i took 3 gyms (night run had maxed defenders) took out several team rocket and did one raid (tried for a 2 star) but only raid was a klink i plan to go out tonight at least it be dry.

hatched: scyther (evolved into scizor) useful for fairy types and a chikorita
caught: piplup, bulbasaur, cubone
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User Info: verylatebloomer

1 month ago#7
cried big tears at the end of the dust event.

i shook my hardest, leaving one egg at 4.8 km at 1:00 pm, as adventure sync decided it was no longer interested in syncing momentarily. got a piss poor magnemite, but at least i can give that to my alt, which is still struggling on "evolve a magnemite" task because it had just evolved one.

got one last dust squeeze out last night; incubated the 5 10K i had been saving up even though i like to do full batches. figured double dust on 5 with a star pieces is better than single dust on 8-9.

now i have a whopping 100K dust stocked up for once...and am trying to decide which one monster to blow it all on. If my alt would freaking EVER hit lucky, i'd swap mewtwos and burn it all on one of those. same with rayquaza. but i don't have enough to just trade hopefully.

maxed out my perfect purified CD torterra already. it's down to 3, assuming i don't get one of the legendaries lucky traded: a 98% scizor (cuz it's my favorite), a 98% hariyama, or a 93% shiny magnezone.
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User Info: GastroFan

1 month ago#8
Today I caught a Heatmor while driving around town and hatched a few eggs, none of which were new pokemon. I also gained another gym for my collection and some coins but that was about it.
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User Info: Jari89

1 month ago#9
Main got a 96% Klink from a raid and caught a shiny Caterpie, alt got a 28 CP shiny Mr. Mime last night and baby alt got a shiny Misdreavus.
Not bad, because I didn't play as much as usual.
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User Info: scott3439

1 month ago#10
Ever since the spawn point nerf in my area I've lost a lot of motivation to play. I ended up hatching a Snivy that gave me enough candies to evolve to Serperior, however.
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