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User Info: Mizznox

4 weeks ago#1

Oct 12th (Saturday), 11am-2pm

Not a surprise, but, meh. Getting Earth Power would only put Flygon on par with Rhyperior for a Ground attacker, and obviously it ain't competing on the Dragon side of things no matter what. Already have my Great League one all set up, too, though if it gets a good PVP move I may need a new one.

At least it's a pretty good shiny?
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User Info: galeongirl

4 weeks ago#2
That... was unexpected. After Lock-On got added Porygon seemed a given. :p

User Info: ssbmrocks

4 weeks ago#3
I was calling Trapinch for October for months haha. I think we all knew it was coming eventually though.

Shinies are awesome at least. Hopefully it does get Earth Power so it will at least be a decent Ground option (not amazing but better than current).
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User Info: vuchinator87

4 weeks ago#4
I had honestly thought trapinch was used already but ok shiny flygon! And the experience!
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User Info: GalaxyCrisis

4 weeks ago#5
Just checked the Trapinch I already have, and it looks like I have a pretty good one I can use to get the CD move (whatever it turns out to be) if I don't get a better one before the event.

That said, October 12 is when a few shows I'm looking forward to start streaming, so I'm going to have to find a sizable window to do this event.
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User Info: ToneDeaf

4 weeks ago#6
We are a long way from the highs of October 2018...

User Info: nightwing3415

4 weeks ago#7
Ugh if only it was 3x dust
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User Info: CChrono

4 weeks ago#8
Not really excited about this one, so bare minimum it is.
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User Info: umop-apisdn

4 weeks ago#10
Don’t really care about the EXP, since even without bonus multipliers, experience gain is pretty high.

I’d much rather have 3x Stardust. Oh well, I guess I can at least hit level 40 faster.
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