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User Info: Minjo26

2 months ago#1
Gen 5 was the perfect opportunity to bring back the thrill of the original release by unleashing the entire dex in one shot giving us the thrill of constantly finding new Pokemon, but nope another disastrous drip release in the name of profits.

RIP PoGo 2016-2019

User Info: CChrono

2 months ago#2
I like the slow drip as a casual player. Does that mean you're quitting?

User Info: verylatebloomer

2 months ago#3
Lol. Sorry, I'm as whiny as anybody, but releasing tons of new content, and a fifth generation, and non stop events...sure as s*** can't claim this game is dead, or even slowing down...
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User Info: Mizznox

2 months ago#4

User Info: freeeeesha

2 months ago#5
Buh bye then
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User Info: galeongirl

2 months ago#6
Ok. Bye.

User Info: umop-apisdn

2 months ago#7
You have eyes, but you cannot see.

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User Info: DarkChozoGhost

2 months ago#8
They definitely should have released like 80 at once, at least.
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User Info: SmokeRulz

2 months ago#9

User Info: MeowMixCDs

2 months ago#10
I will add you to the list of people I post, "But didn't you quit?" in response to.
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