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  3. Who else didn't catch any shiny Turtwigs?

User Info: RedXIII400

4 weeks ago#1
I not only didn't catch any, I didn't even find any whatsoever. Feels bad since Turtwig is my favorite starter :(

Speaking of, I also found no shiny Charmanders when its CD was going on. I had to get one traded to me to get it :/

Who else has actively participated in a Community Day and didn't get any shinies?
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User Info: galeongirl

4 weeks ago#2
My friend oddly enough did not find a single one, while I got 7 walking next to him on my own account and 5 on his baby account that I was catching on. We've never had this happen before on a community day. Really odd.
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User Info: DullPython

4 weeks ago#3
I ended up with 11. Which is far and away the most I've ever had.

The last CD I got 0. So just bad luck?
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User Info: CChrono

4 weeks ago#4
I had super good luck, probably due to the sunny weather in-game. Caught 4 shiny within an hour, so I was done. Other commitments going on.

My worst was Bulbasaur CD: 1 shiny the entire 3 hours. I’ve caught 3 more shiny since so there’s hope yet!
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User Info: ChemicalBurrito

4 weeks ago#5
One in my group got no shiny Turtwig. The rest only got one each.

There were very few Turtwig overall, though. Something was definitely screwy with the spawns. The Cacnea spawns outnumbered the Turtwigs by something like five to one.

Eastern time zone.
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User Info: MeowMixCDs

4 weeks ago#6
I got twenty out of 315.

User Info: johnny_pay

4 weeks ago#7
i went to a park near where i live and caught hundreds of turtwigs, about 5 shinys, my friend who uses a ranger got about 10.

User Info: TheBitBandit

4 weeks ago#8
I got 10 out of about 130 encounters.

User Info: GastroFan

4 weeks ago#9
I caught one shiny Turtwig but then again I started the community day late (previous engagements delayed my arrival at the local mall). My daughter caught 0 shiny Turtwigs but she did get a couple of friend offers and a trade for a pokemon that she wanted badly.

User Info: KaZooo

4 weeks ago#10
Got two, literally to/from the car for lunch today. Luck of course, but I always know my neighborhood guarantees 1 very early for some reason.
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