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User Info: CChrono

4 weeks ago#11
Crazy hot so we stopped early. Happy with my decent haul. 88% shiny Swampert will be useful. Evolved a 96% and 98% Mudkip I saved a long time ago.

It feels like it’s best to not evolve anything until they get a CD or special move these days.

User Info: Taily_Po

4 weeks ago#12
Got out late, had a few shinies on my alts but nothing on my main. Only caught one lv30 with reasonably good IVs, then two junkier ones I'm going to reroll between accounts.

My main had a ton of candy going into the event but didn't really catch much worth evo'ing; however, it also has a great water lineup so it's not as necessary anyway. The ones who really needed HC Swampert was my newest alt but it only got enough candy for one.
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Far too hot and humid today to go to the usual community day spots around here.

So we just grilled some steaks and made some homemade ice cream instead. Happy National Ice Cream Day!
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User Info: eagletalon22

4 weeks ago#14
was hot and humid but soldiered on and got 13 shines on main, and a small handfull on both alts. would of been more excited if I hadn't found a raid grp a town over and gotten kyogres to take my top water spot. but with it being sunny/partly cloudy you end up not getting many high-level ones so even after you evolve em you still have to boost em to make em good enough which i feel often happens during cd's.. did get a nice wb 827 larvitar and hatched a cranidos. then got excited having a wb cranidos pop up after the mudkips left only for it to be a 400...

User Info: kyujo

4 weeks ago#15
Managed 11
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User Info: OrangeCrush980

4 weeks ago#16
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User Info: Taily_Po

4 weeks ago#17
Alright, so didn't get everything done in time. However, some of the trades worked out very well -- traded lv30s with an alt where they turned lucky and, right after that, my alt traded lv25 which turned into a lucky 98HD. (Granted, not sure if it's worth powering past 30 since that account already has a good water lineup.)

The alt got the worse end of the trades, but a lucky lv30 still gave it better IVs than it had before.
"If I were a ghost, this is certainly the kind of place I'd haunt."
Was too hot to do my usual walk, but my brother agreed to drive me around, so that worked out nicely. Got 118 Mudkip, 3 of which were Shiny. The Shinies have garbage IVs, which I've come to expect by now. Best Mudkip of the day, 93%- evolved it, unlocked another move, powered it up a bunch. Mud Shot/Hydro Cannon/Earthquake. Not bad if I do say so myself. (my fanfics, please read) (my Shinies, not for trade)

User Info: dr_burger92

4 weeks ago#19
I got one shiny and one 98%. Trading with my brother gave me a few good luckies. It was 100 degrees where I was and we just couldn't tolerate it after a point.
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User Info: nightwing3415

4 weeks ago#20
Did they ever mention muddy water? I tried evolving into a swampert at 8pm and it got muddy water. Is it comparable to blaze kick?
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