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User Info: DogBomb

1 month ago#41
1 shiny out of 15 raids. 15/13/15.
I don't know what to write here...

User Info: erson

1 month ago#42
Sry4PartyRockin posted...
erson posted...
Sry4PartyRockin posted...
36/36, best was a 15/13/15 on the main

No shiny tho :'(

Ouch. 36 raids??

6x raids on 6x accts

Ah i see. Sorry to hear
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User Info: Jari89

1 month ago#43
I got 5 shinies with 2 accounts. But not 3-2 as you might expect. No, I got 0 on my main and 5 on my alt. 2 other people caught 4 on 1 account.
Highest shiny was 93% with 15 att. Highest normal was 96% but with 15 def, so it's actually worse than the shiny.
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User Info: lostnfound99

1 month ago#44
Only missed one - was the driver like always - which was disappointing but nothing to complain about. Did about 20 total because I missed a few our group was doing while I was catching.

Got 4 shinies (highest was a 15-14-11 89) and 3 96s (all 15-15-13) out of the day
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User Info: cyan1001

1 month ago#45
too busy to be able to do it
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User Info: ssbmrocks

1 month ago#46
Got one shiny (93% max attack, also the best IV of the day) out of roughly 10 raids, so I’m content. My GF bagged 3 within the first 5 raids though lol.
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User Info: M_Live

1 month ago#47
I did about 10 raids, no shiny :(
I caught a shiny Alolan Rattata, A. Exeggutor, and Aron all wild that day though so it made up for it
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User Info: Squirtodile1

1 month ago#48
Didn’t do it. Too tired after a heavy work week and a half. 9 days in a row took it out of me but I always take the overtime when I can.

User Info: douac4

1 month ago#49
Somewhat appropriately, three hours of severe thunderstorms. Can't wait till they do this with glaceon during the winter.
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