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User Info: galeongirl

4 weeks ago#291
Woke up.. was just eating breakfast and someone posted a Gible about 10 mins away on our Discord. So I threw on some clothes and got on my bike. Cycled for the life of me (didn't have the time to get my asthma meds in), during a light drizzle. Made it in time, 87% Gible caught, my first one. Guy in car was just too late, so I was really, really close to missing it. Then on the way back the light drizzle turned into a thunderstorm. Well, guess I don't have to shower anymore...

User Info: GalaxyCrisis

4 weeks ago#292
Got a flawless Skarmory as a Field Research reward.
Failure is always an option.

User Info: JixHedgehog

4 weeks ago#293
After getting stiffed from eggs yesterday, a Gible just spawned on top of me while I'm chilling at a hotel

This ******* game. Its 91% too
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User Info: Astaroth211

4 weeks ago#294
Got really, really f***ing sick of my bag being full today so I did something I hoped I would never resort to; I traded with a spoofer.

I've been hoarding rare candy for Gible for some time now but had rotten luck trying to get a Gible myself. I thought screw it, this is going solve a massive problem i've been having, especially after these 2 relatively close together raid days, and I managed to clear 150 rare candy from my 450 stack and give me some breathing room.

I immediately transferred the Gible though, heartbreaking since it turned out lucky too, but it didn't feel right to keep it.
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User Info: lambchips

4 weeks ago#295
Went to the city for community day, got 5 Shinys ( all bad IV's, I did get one with 14 attack which I evolved.. The rest were non shinys.)

I did a trade with my lucky friend and got a 15/13/13 shiny Roselia, gave him a Shiny Salemence with Outrage.

Also did 2 Mewtwo raids to use up the daily passes ( wont have to chase raids tomorrow).
It was great catching up with my friends, havent seen them in months. We chatted about all kinds of stuff ( about whats happening these days, about whats on TV, sports, concert tickets etc).

Im reminded of how fun it is playing with others and talking about non Pokemon GO related stuff, I used to go to the city twice a week back before I was running my business full time and its always a fun time. Talking about anything that comes to mind and sharing opinions and experiences.
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User Info: GalaxyCrisis

4 weeks ago#296
Sweltering heat in my area has limited my outdoor time these past few days.

Managed to get two shiny Mudkips for CD; as well as a near flawless non-shiny, which I evolved up to Swampert for the CD move.
Failure is always an option.

User Info: CChrono

4 weeks ago#297
Came across a Magnetic Lure so I now have Magnezone and Probopass.

User Info: jabber2033

4 weeks ago#298
Hit 2 million stardust.

I know some have ten times that, but still a lot for me.

User Info: GalaxyCrisis

4 weeks ago#299
Hatched a near flawless Mareep today.
Failure is always an option.

User Info: Spetsnaz420

4 weeks ago#300
Caught a 98% shiny on CD... Evoed and powered that bad boy to 30 till I get more candy
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