1 week ago #6
    It's a community thing. Some communities embrace one, both or neither. It really just comes down to who was/were the "leader(s)" in your area and what they decided. Sounds like they decided one but not the other.

    Is it hypocritical? Yeah. Both are forms of cheating but people like to lie to themselves and say it's not because it's not them personally spoofing and checking IVs or it's Niantic's fault for not implementing chaining/some sort of IV boosting mechanic. It's a weird fallacy.

    But honestly, if it's accepted, you might as well just accept it unless you want to make yourself a piraya. Same s*** happened here but with multiple accounts. Stood against it, got dirty looks at raids and even people cancel coming because I'd be there. Now I just embrace it and raid alone. Problem solved until the person who quit returns and wants his account back. Choose your battles, man.