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User Info: Jamesccg

4 weeks ago#1
Should I claim all the research when I get them or wait for the next day, and the day after that?
How do you do it?
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User Info: Spetsnaz420

4 weeks ago#2
I usually keep cycling them while holding on to a completed or easy to complete task that has an ok reward... Like to keep 2 open so I can throw away tasks that don't have rewards I want... But if I'm going away for a couple days I'll fill up with completed tasks so I don't miss a day
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User Info: mtpfreak

4 weeks ago#3
You can earn one stamp towards your research breakthrough each day.
On the research screen, if the research marker is solid white, this means you are able to claim a stamp.
You can complete a research task, and this will earn a stamp if you are able.
A task that was completed on a previous day can be used to earn a stamp when claimed on a later day.

Example, two research tasks are completed on Monday.
The first task reward is claimed on Monday, and Monday's stamp is earned.
The second task reward is claimed on Tuesday, and Tuesday's stamp is earned.

This is useful if you do not intend to go out and play Pokémon Go on a given day.
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User Info: galeongirl

4 weeks ago#4
As I don't play more than necessary in winter, I collect tasks that reward encounters. That way, I can claim 1 of those a day and have my catch of the day done too. When I drive to work, right outside my flat I can spin a stop, so I got the dailies done except for raids. So I can go to a raid if I feel like it, but I can also get by without one and not lose my streaks. So I claim 1 task a day.

User Info: nightwing3415

4 weeks ago#5
If you don't plan on playing, hold at least 1.
I have my gotcha that i use to pick up research tasks, but i leave 1 open for it and leave 2 completed to stamp.
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