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User Info: SiReNz wAiL

SiReNz wAiL
1 year ago#11
Two shiny Dratini, evolved the wonder but at its level the CP was only 781, went from 35 dragon types caught to 190. Only had 3 run away and went from 300 to 80k stardust, didn't hatch an egg until 6 minutes after the event ended.
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User Info: Hunter Sopko

Hunter Sopko
1 year ago#12
Also walked for pretty much three hours straight... A little over 8km!

Here's the before and after count...
89 total and only 2 got away!

And 3 shinies! I started with 89 candy, so I had enough to evolve 5, so I evolved 4 and used some to power them up.


That brings my shiny lineup to...


~110k Stardust (Derp the only thing I didn't screenshot before I started the event AND started using it) (4 Star Pieces used)
61,787 Exp (no Lucky Eggs)

Other notable happenings...

There was a Legendary raid that spawned a weather boosted Grouden. 96% IV with full Ground set! That's actually my first legendary over 90% IV.

Hatched a 90%IV Feebas from a 10k

Finally got an Absol

91%, Level 35 Cacnea
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User Info: Jas_Pata

1 year ago#13
Crushed it pretty good. Ended up gaining probably around 900 Dratini candy... got a perfect (my first) level 29 Dratini! Didn't even have to TM to Outrage either. Got a 500+ cp but crap IV shiny that I evolved too. And a level 30 97.8%er too.

It was snowing here... but people were out at the park like crazy...

Also got maybe 6 or 7 beldum pinapped today due to weather.
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User Info: Lavendermoon

1 year ago#14
Mine was ok, not as great as the pikachu one. The weather messed with the spawns and I got mostly normal types. Some were dratini while some were other Pokémon. I only got 1 shiny which had bad ivs. So I didn’t evolve it. Evolved two dragonairs to dragonite to get the move.

User Info: Groudon199

1 year ago#15
Caught 58 Dratini, and 3 were shiny. Only did 2 hours because it was raining and I lost my patience with how I had to hold my umbrella while throwing a ball.
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User Info: ImTheLoneWolf

1 year ago#16
I was in meetings until the last 20 minutes. Caught about 15 or so though so I have enough to finally get a Dragonite 2 years later :)

User Info: Broken_Zeus

1 year ago#17
Absolute s***. Went to my uncle's funeral which meant I barely caught any Dratini and, as a result, didn't get a shiny. I was also forced to evolve a crappy IV lv30 since I wanted Draco Meteor and didn't have a better option.
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User Info: EarlJenson

1 year ago#18
Caught 220, 10 shiny.
Only 3 around 93-91%, another 10 are +82.
I'm at 1517 candy after evolving a shiny and non-shiny.

And obviously I got the gold badge.
Have all the type badges now.

User Info: verylatebloomer

1 year ago#19

i don't want to complain--i had an awesome time--but reading what others have managed to do...

kind of pisses me off.

i caught, non-stop, for the entire duration. every pokestop was lured up and i burned incence the whole time.

and still, my total dragons is at 100, meaning i caught maybe 80 total.

why the f*** did they spawn in SUCH better volume for other people? how the hell were others able to catch several hundreds? during an EVENT at least, you'd think the population wall disparity was temporarily equalized...but no.

(also kinda bummed that nothing i caught was even "caught my attention" level, let alone "wonder". I too had to resort to evolving a terrible IV level 30.)
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User Info: Mizznox

1 year ago#20
Caught 161, 5 shiny. The best shiny is actually good enough to invest in later, so the second best one became a Draco Meteor trophy. Not many raids around, only Tyranitar and Groudon worth doing. Hatched several eggs.

Just about any weather condition would have been justified, except for the one that we had for the first two hours - Sunny. It was windy, wet snow, completely overcast, very low ceiling. Switched to Cloudy the last hour... then Windy an hour after the event ended, lol.

verylatebloomer posted...
why the f*** did they spawn in SUCH better volume for other people? how the hell were others able to catch several hundreds?

You're still going to be limited by the # of spawn points you can hit.
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