91%, 15-11-15 Spinarak

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User Info: John_Dory

6 months ago#1
Worth evolving and leveling him?
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User Info: verylatebloomer

6 months ago#2
is ANY spinarak worth levelling? evolving, sure, as fodder.
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User Info: inviso87

6 months ago#3
For fodder Pokemon, I only keep the highest IV. If it's not your highest, evolve and then trash it (or just trash it)
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User Info: George Trevor

George Trevor
6 months ago#4
Evolving, yes.

Power it up, hell no.
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User Info: SalvadorWarhol

6 months ago#5
no and no.

User Info: galeongirl

6 months ago#6
Meh, just toss it in the blender.
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