Any tips other then 'exploring' for finding a Growlithe?

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  3. Any tips other then 'exploring' for finding a Growlithe?

User Info: T-Walker

2 years ago#1
Topic title^ :C

User Info: 7101334

2 years ago#2
I'm in SoCal in a chaparral biome / suburban area and I've caught 3 or so.

User Info: DarkTrolls

2 years ago#3
I gpt mine from an egg

User Info: pancakes771

2 years ago#4
Residential areas, desert patches (if any), sandy places.
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User Info: LexiconHuka

2 years ago#5
Lol sorry to say but here in hawaii theybas common as zubats
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User Info: BunBun

2 years ago#6
SoCal! Caught two. Should have like six of them but the freezing pokeball always gets me.

User Info: Blutonic

2 years ago#7
SoCal, mountainous valley north of San Fernando. My backyard is a giant hill. Growlithe are constantly popping up, as well as Clefairy.
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  3. Any tips other then 'exploring' for finding a Growlithe?

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