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User Info: BandersnatchGo

4 years ago#1
Has anybody found a Koffing? What type of area were you in when you found it?

My favorite Pokemon is Weezing so I'd like to find a Koffing and work towards evolving it, but I've seen neither hide nor hair wherever I go...
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User Info: PapaBlessYou

4 years ago#2
Found it in a target parking lot

User Info: super_taco_ftw

4 years ago#3
I've found a few just hanging around my local suburb. I think I've only ever seen them at night though, so they might only show up then.
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User Info: PegasusLover123

4 years ago#4
I found mine outside a lumber mill of all places, seems to be either industrial zones or dumping sites.
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User Info: OrtegaTron

4 years ago#5
Also found one at night, on a city street.
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User Info: SalvadorWarhol

4 years ago#6
Found mine at night in a parking lot of a strip mall in the back area where there's dumpsters and stuff.

User Info: Wiaru

4 years ago#7
They appear at night for me. Pretty common.

Nothing really notable about my outskirts of a major city suburb where I live. State park nearby?

User Info: Nekura11554

4 years ago#8
Found 2 in the mall today

User Info: Eretai

4 years ago#9
Found one at work, mid-day. City area.

User Info: Sayoria

4 years ago#10
Saw Koffing in, as of no surprise, New York City and Boston.

Koffing is going to be in the more polluted areas, so look towards big cities.
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