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User Info: VivaLaFisica

3 years ago#1
I continue to receive this TestFlight beta app invite. I refuse to update with the uncertainty of my account being reset and having to play with features removed. Literally at a point where I am unable to play because of the prompts to update to a newer version. What to do?
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User Info: Miggi3Fr3sh

3 years ago#2
Not play or update. You know you're two choices. Not much else we can suggest.

User Info: Bikouchu35

3 years ago#3
Try logging into a friends device.
My brother's account didn't get reset from update, but it logged into the wrong gmail at first.

User Info: finalansem

3 years ago#4
I updated by downloading the TestFlight beta app, which doesn't even do anything. But then my Pokemon Go app works again.
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