Is it better to level up my Pokemon and then evolve them, or vice versa?

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  3. Is it better to level up my Pokemon and then evolve them, or vice versa?

User Info: deadpigs101

2 years ago#1
And is there a way to attract a certain Pokemon?
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User Info: Gruntling

2 years ago#2
In my experience it seems that if you have a low CP Pokemon, its evolution will be low CP. If it has high CP, the evolution will have high CP. It doesn't matter when you evolve them, the CP will translate proportionally in the evolution. Just be aware the evolved version will have a different moveset.

To my knowledge all Pokemon encounters are random. Incense will attract more Pokemon though, increasing your chances to see X.
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User Info: kmanweiss

2 years ago#3
From my limited experience, and from what I can find online, here are my assumptions:

When you look at a pokemon in your bag, you will see an arch over him with a CP marker. When you evolve, the marker stays in the same place. Powering them up moves the marker higher in the bar.

Made up numbers to explain:
Pokémon starter range is 10-150. Evolved version is 110-250 (+100).
If you evolve a CP 10, he will turn into a CP 110. If you evolve a CP 150, he will turn into a CP 250.

I believe all pokemon of the same type have the same power range so evolving or powering up first makes no difference. Evolving a pokemon that is already near the top of the power bar can save you resources in the long run though.

From what I've seen for locations, they are pretty static. I find pidgeons and rats like mad in one area. I find a drowse in the same spot every day. So the different types seem to be somewhat territorial. If you find something you want to power up, go there a lot.

User Info: Gunpo

2 years ago#4
nice info in the topic!

someone has got to make a general help topic so we can all sticky it
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User Info: GyraDosXX

2 years ago#5
Depends on what your goal is. In my experience, evolution doubles the CP of the pokemon you are evolving. Encountered pokemon increase in CP as you level up in the game, so you will continuously encounter higher-level evolvable pokemon as you play. Powering up then evolving a low CP pokemon is a waste of resources. Waiting and conserving resources is best, if you want that ultimate beast. If you are just looking to enter gym battles now, evolve your highest CP pokemon, and see if you need to power it up to challenge a gym.
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  3. Is it better to level up my Pokemon and then evolve them, or vice versa?

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