Alright, I never much liked Apollo, but... (slight spoilers)

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  3. Alright, I never much liked Apollo, but... (slight spoilers)

User Info: Martin Pagan

Martin Pagan
1 year ago#1
...that moment when he shouts "Objection" in case 2 just as the Judge is about to pronounce Trucy guilty is so powerful I've finally warmed up to him. Really well done.
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User Info: Mavitar

1 year ago#2
You'll like him much more as the game progresses. Guaranteed or your money back.
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User Info: DartDragoon

1 year ago#3
I really loved Apollo by the end of the game. Actually i've warmed up to him ever since DD but SoJ really solidified him as an amazing lawyer by the end.
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User Info: Zero 0083

Zero 0083
1 year ago#4
Yup. If only the original AJ treated Apollo as well as SoJ has.
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User Info: Brewster123

1 year ago#5
Yeah... Spirit of Justice does a much better job with Apollo than Apollo Justice actually did... Its both impressive and kinda sad.
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User Info: brinetold

1 year ago#6
I still don't like the kid. :| sigh
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User Info: PirateKing290

1 year ago#7
I warmed up to Apollo alot in 5-4 and 5-5. He's the best protagonist by so much its not even funny.
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User Info: TheWayofPie

1 year ago#8
He honestly comes across at more competent than Phoenix in this game. It's pretty crazy.
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User Info: wariude

1 year ago#9
I kinda disliked him on his own game.

DD made me indifferent.

But this game, at last, sold me on him.
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User Info: TooSoon

1 year ago#10
I hated him in DD when he literally pulled a Hobo-Nick persona after getting injured. So annoying.

I've warmed up to him a little in this game, though.
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  3. Alright, I never much liked Apollo, but... (slight spoilers)

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