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User Info: masterspy007

4 years ago#1
I am a huge BTTF fan and just purchased this so it can download and i can play when I get off work tonight. I had played the first episode a few years back on the PS3. Is the rest of the game good? Any differences between this version and the old version that came out a while back?
GT: masterspy007

User Info: Bootflap

4 years ago#2
I don't think there's any big differences in this release, but Tom Wilson voices Biff in this version whereas in the original it was a voice actor doing an impression.

User Info: kingleg

4 years ago#3
I own the ps3 version as well and put them side by side. While the new version is not amazing by current gen standards, it literally looks amazing compared to the original. The ps3 version literally looks like it has a blurry filter on it, runs at a lower resolution, and has very bland textures. In the x1 version, the game looks incredibly sharp. Gone is the blurriness, and replacing it are much cleaner textures. Case in point would be the characters. While in the original, the clothing looked like bland simple textures, here the individual clothing items are textured. Sounds like very little, but this retexturing has been applied to the entire game, and it looks much, much better.

This game isn't really a typical game though. You can turn on hints galore and walk through it. It's more of a love letter to the fans who clamor for a fourth game despite the fact that Michael J. Fox probably could not even physically film it at this point. It is not hard or choice driven, it simply exists to continue a story, and as such (though I haven't finished it yet), it does a great job so far and feels like a legitimate movie plotline. The only odd ommission I find from the ps3 version is that you can't skip lines....not a big deal if it's your first time through, but can get annoying when you click on the same item more than once and have to listed to the line again. Oh, and fyi, the real voice actor for Biff Tannen actually recorded his lines for this version (sound alike in the original). Well worth the twenty bucks in my opinion, even if you played it years ago on ps3. I'm loving the visual overhaul, and having the ps3 version still really showed me how much they imporoved it!
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