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  3. What purpose does Reines serve in a post Oberon world?
Nuerogenesis 3 days ago#1
For blitzing, I don't hate myself enough for slow play. Though even if I did then I feel like I'd just be replacing Oberon with Castoria in the title.

I'm looking to roll for a copy or two Lakshmibai on the upcoming interlude banner because its her last solo rate up a) She's a QT, b) Gun + Sabre combo = always cool. c) She's the only actual indian chick in the game, and not a bland japanese broad cosplaying as one.

So logically I was going to wait for the Reines solo day to roll, but then I got to thinking, why? What does she even do vs main card support + Oberon for looping, or main card support + the billion crit supports or waver for card crits?

Then was thinking that sherlock could at least be decent level 1 fodder but it's a shame his skill buff lude requires ascension 3.

Think I'll just roll on day 1 on the shared rate up then unless I'm really missing a trick here.
CreekCo 3 days ago#2
She’s really good at protecting berserkers
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Goraishi 3 days ago#3
She is typically better than Waver. Having more 50% battery servants was really handy for Tesla Cup since you have to do all 7 CQs with no friends and without reusing the same servants.

That said, the times when you'll *really* notice the difference between her and Waver are pretty niche. Not like Sherlock is bad either. He is also just a niche support. There both basically just nice to have additions, and if you really don't care one way or the other then I don't think you really lose anything by going for the shared banner.
Nuerogenesis 3 days ago#4
Good point, I didn't really think of those scenarios when a support charger for double X etc isn't available, as rare as they are.
Demonrugal 3 days ago#5
Reines is a niche support. She used to be very helpful in SIshtar Arts team as a switch-out supports due to her S2 (40% Atk up), up until Crane (switch-out madness) or Oberon (M-V-O). And her S3 is great for protecting your DPS from NP upon break bar.
But right now she's sitting in my vault collecting dust... I mean having nice teatime with Waver. So unless she's your waifu... You may prioritized Castoria instead. The values of that servant is beyond ridiculous as she alone upgrades all your "Aye" Arts servants to "Ohhh!".
M - M - T
(edited 3 days ago)
I really think DW did Reines dirty, she was released as an inferior waver only to become a sidegrade on her lude, but then made waver a glorified welfare, essentially making him accesible to all the masses by ensuring they wouldn't need to spend any SQ on him and if that weren't enough Oberon swooped in as a powercreep alternative to both, but at least waver has "welfare" status so he sees ton of use from newer players and players domestically abused by the gacha, reines has none of that though :/
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Zinie95 3 days ago#7
Nothing. Much better to get Sherlock, especially if Waver is there already.
(edited 3 days ago)
Demonrugal 3 days ago#8
She still is one of the "waifus" who's actually useful in the game (poor Abby) and still has fans following though. Also, her VA is Rem's (Re:Zero).
M - M - T
(edited 3 days ago)
Honestly she is a sidegrade to waver, she might not give the crit boost but she is better for arts teams in the long run, with her bond CE, plus she helps Bersekers live for longer between removing class disadvantage and her two hits of invincibility.

However her real usefulness will come in about 2 years when she gets her np upgrade. At NP1 she gives a 30% boost to np gain and increases overcharge by one stage. So this means that if there is an event ce which boosts NP guage, then you can use it in farming, which will do nothing but help quick and arts farmers. Like Space Ishtar loves the increased np damage boost,
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Goraishi 3 days ago#10
I wouldn't ever want to use a support NP to farm. Arts teams already have Castoria + Tama which gives you really high buff uptime due to both Castoria and Tama doing party NP and Tama shortening cooldowns.
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  3. What purpose does Reines serve in a post Oberon world?