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Skadilet 1 month ago#11
AndyYagami posted...
I hate to be the one to say this, but 76 SQ is like, nothing. That's not even 30 rolls. Castoria comes at a time when we get a lot of SQ thrown at us. It's like 300 just from the ani itself.
You're right, it's not that much but if I just compulsively roll every time I get enough sq for a multi then I won't be able to save up for Summer Musashi/Tamamo. It's still a long way from anni but I wanted to try something new, keep myself occupied and away from main. Lotto is coming soon, a good time to make a new account. I got a Kscope with my first reroll which I don't have in my main.
Unbound-King 1 month ago#12
scrublord - 130 sq/0 tickets: Castoria, Morgan, Barghest

Spent tickets on shots at Moriarty and Scathach. Got neither. ;~;
I'll probably dump all I've got now on BB and then probably start saving earnestly for the targets.
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Balthanon 1 month ago#13
Balthanon - 270 SQ / 29 tickets: Castoria, Vitch, Melusine

Reines decided to come home this time so I definitely don't regret spending on the surprise banner. Also took very limited shots at Scathack and Okita to no effect, though Okita did give me a 2030 as an apology.

For the question, I'd say the one I have rolled on most that I didn't like originally is probably Waver actually. Or more accurately Lord Melloi-- I dislike smoking (to put it mildly) and that gave me a pretty negative impression to start. The last ascension is basically what saves Waver for me as a result and is why I'm willing to get the character at all.

Admittedly, the dislike portion only lasted for a few days at most, but he's still never leaving that ascension when I finally get him.
Fate/Grand Order: Ritsuba - 241,049,270
alter_kt 1 month ago#14
kt - 114SQ / 117tickets: Taira no Kagekiyo/ Skadi/ Molay (F)

Merlin - when he was release I was not that interested, what changed my mind was having progressed thru the story (I think around Epic of Remnant), it was apparent that having not having support servants was a tremendous pain, although he is not necessary to clear the story but having NP battery, party wide invul for 1 turn and his NP gives 5% NP per turn was a deal breaker at that time, it significantly improves the party. iirc before Merlin I would just use stall team like Mashu and Jeanne.

Skadi - same as Merlin for NP battery but not that urgent cause I already have Waver, Merlin, Castoria and Vichii.

Zaigou posted...
Extra question: I've...actually changed my mind regarding Barghest. The initial reveal was not the best, because I thought we were way past simple gorilla decked AoE Sabers with poor ATK. Going under Gawain certainly didn't help so I resolved that I would only roll for Morgan at the time.

Same here, I was just aiming for Morgan and got her with 1 free ticket, I was not that interested in her since I have a lot of AoE Sabers, then I also saw what she can do. Then I got lucky while rolling for Oberon, I got 3 copies in a single 30SQ roll it's like the universe is telling me something, and in the end of the banner I manage to NP5 her.

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FlareKnights 1 month ago#15
FlareKnight - 149 SQ / 11 Tickets: Castoria, Melusine, Summer Kama

Will be nice to jump into a new part of the story. Can pick up some more quartz to for the Castoria fund which is always handy.
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KariyaLollipop 1 month ago#16
KariyaLollipop - 569 SQ / 38 Tickets: Odysseus, Kouyou, Castoria

I wasn't initially gonna roll for Kouyou. Looked ahead at what was coming and when I saw her icon I thought great, random japanese hero #2957. Then I saw in her first ascension she is a dinosaur. Don't know how, don't know why, but that alone was enough to entice me.
The bird of Hermes is my name, eating my wings to make me tame.
art17 1 month ago#17
art17 - 200 SQ / 24 Tickets: Okita/n, Castoria

I'll be rolling for Super Orion on my alt account, I hope 270 sq and 55 tickets is enough.
Chunchun88 1 month ago#18
Chunchunmaru - 225 SQ/ 29 Tickets: NP17 Tamamo Cat and NP 6 all five stars Tamamos
English isn't my first language so I'm sorry if I write something wrong...
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