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Zancloufer 1 month ago#1
Welcome to the hoarding! This thread is meant to be a way for you to focus on the bigger picture, to save up for specific servants and to encourage others to do the same. Anyone can join in or drop out every week, whenever, just follow the rules down bellow!

1) Please use this format or your post will be ignored.

Name - X SQ / X tix : Target servants or banners

2) Feel free to convert your tickets and/or frags into SQ (1 ticket = 3 SQ, 7 frags = 1 SQ).

3) Please report at least once a week or you may be removed from the list. New thread every weekend.

4) No alts! This rule is mostly targeted at masters playing on both NA and JP, only report the hoarding for one account.

5) 3 targets maximum (can be servants, banners or CE)

6) Extra Question: Is there a character your are/did save for that you initially didn't care for? If so what changed your mind.
Suggestions for new extra questions.

The Lone Meteor
Cometdance - 4460 SQ / 810 ST

EX (2000+)
Zaigou - 3120 SQ / 25tickets: Super Orion (undecided), Castoria.

S (1000-1999)
YggdrasilTM - 1219 SQ: Superhuman Orion, Odysseus, Quirinus

A (651-999)

B (400 - 650)
KariyaLollipop - 545 SQ / 34 Tickets: Odysseus, Kouyou, Castoria
Andrew: 372SQ/45ST(507 Effective SQ) - Super Orion/Caster Artoria/Percival.
Balthanon - 390 SQ / 33 tickets: [Surprise Reines], Castoria, Vitch
kt - 100SQ / 114tickets: Taira no Kagekiyo/ Skadi/ Molay (F)

C (200 - 400)
Chunchunmaru - 190 SQ/ 21 Tickets: NP5 Tamamo Cat
art17 - 173 SQ/ 17 Tickets: Okita, Okitan & Castoria.
D (100 - 200)
NoNameAvailable - 150 SQ / 13 tickets: Scathach, Caenis
Sceptile - 121 SQ / 18 tix: Dioscuri, Castoria
scrublord - 104 sq/18 tickets: Castoria, Morgan, Barghest
Zancloufer: 100 SQ / 18 Tickets : Castoria
FlareKnight - 116 SQ / 11 Tickets: Castoria

Trigger Fingers (100-)
Skadilet - 47 SQ / 2 tix: Castoria, Summer Musashi, Tamamo
Zancloufer 1 month ago#2
Zancloufer: 160 SQ / 19 Tickets : Castoria
Hit a milestone for total logins, nice +30 quartz today. Atlantis is apparently coming this week so there should be a decent amount of extra quartz coming from that.
For the extra question: I would like to think I have been fairly consistent in which servants I've aimed for. I've occasionally changed my mind about a servant after using them a bit, but never chased a servant I didn't want at first.
YggdrasilTM 1 month ago#3
YggdrasilTM - 1249 SQ: Superhuman Orion, Odysseus, Quirinus
hmmmmname 1 month ago#4
hmmmmname - 588 SQ / 40 tickets: Yang, Castoria.

Did 2 10-pulls (10 tickets 30 SQ) and managed to get Reines, so that was great (don't have to worry about the Rider GSSR anymore).
Straight shot from here to Yang now (actually managed to get every servant I wanted this year (13 on F2P SQ)).

As for the question, I don't really recall rolling for any servants I didn't really care for in the first place.
The closest would be Kintoki I guess (got him off of yolo tickets).
I liked his character a lot but (as he was my second SSR) I didn't really know how to use Berserkers at the time nor did I know his roll so he sat at level 70-ish in the box for a good while.
It wasn't until my first lottery that I fully levelled him up (and his battery) that I started using him again.
Now he's bond 10 waiting for his turn to get a bond grail (Golden indeed).
"You're Gonna Carry That Weight"
kingdemetre 1 month ago#5
kingdemetre - 517 SQ / 26 tickets: summer bb, ROMA(maybe), Castoria.

my budget for summer bb is 13 11 rolls. If I get lucky on my rolls then put the rest into Romulus-Quirinus then save for castoria.

I was bummed out on my summer jeanne rolls last year not getting her and getting 3 ibarakis and 2 ushis but after using summer ibaraki she is so much fun to use even replacing enkidu in my lancer st needs. I am thankful in not getting jeanne.
AndyYagami 1 month ago#6
Andrew: 433SQ/46ST (571 Effective SQ) - Super Orion/Caster Artoria/Percival.

Super Orion is my last big target for a WHILE really hoping I can get him and cap the year off.

As for the question. I wasn't a *huge* fan of Merlin before Babylonia. He did really win me over after that though.
If that's how it's going to be... I'll snuff them all out! Every last one of your sickening, happy little reasons for living!
Zaigou 1 month ago#7
Zaigou - 3152 SQ / 26 tickets: Super Orion, Castoria.

Decided I might as well attempt to pull Super Orion. Curse him and explosive bara manergy!

Extra question: I've...actually changed my mind regarding Barghest. The initial reveal was not the best, because I thought we were way past simple gorilla decked AoE Sabers with poor ATK. Going under Gawain certainly didn't help so I resolved that I would only roll for Morgan at the time.

And then I saw that "Gawain" was actually Barghest. Then I saw her ascensions, beautiful statuesque physique and dialogue. Then I saw what she could do in combat. Then LB6 started going into the full swing of things and I was like: "I need this woman in my Chaldea".
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Sceptilesolar 1 month ago#8
Sceptile - 211 SQ / 19 tix: Dioscuri, Castoria

Got Altria to bond 12 and a 50 days login.

I don't find my mind changing on characters too often. I guess I didn't initially expect to be saving hard for Oberon and then he showed up in his 3rd ascension, if that counts.
Just killing time until the world ends.
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AndyYagami 1 month ago#10
Skadilet posted...
Skadilet - 1 SQ / 0 ticket: Summer Musashi, Tamamo, Castoria
I messed up and compulsively pulled, used all 76 sq and 2 tickets on Reines. I got Atalante Alter to NP2, and a Heaven's Feel(my first one). I think I'll take a break from this account, just keep up with logins and start with a new one for backup when I dont get Castoria on my main.
I hate to be the one to say this, but 76 SQ is like, nothing. That's not even 30 rolls. Castoria comes at a time when we get a lot of SQ thrown at us. It's like 300 just from the ani itself.
If that's how it's going to be... I'll snuff them all out! Every last one of your sickening, happy little reasons for living!
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