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User Info: NightKaiser21

2 days ago#1
The wheel of fate is turning, who will you roll for? - Results (106 votes)
Rolling for Okita
11.32% (12 votes)
Rolling for Moriarty
4.72% (5 votes)
Rolling for Scathach
13.21% (14 votes)
Rolling for Sima Yi
21.7% (23 votes)
Rolling for (Caster) Nero
4.72% (5 votes)
Rolling for Jack
1.89% (2 votes)
Rolling for Xiang Yu
0% (0 votes)
Nah, Skip
42.45% (45 votes)
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Easy skip for me since there's no rush to get a sixth copy of Scathach atm.
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User Info: Balthanon

2 days ago#2
I don't have Reines or Waver at this point on my main account, so this one's a definite given how much time there is until Castoria-- not sure how much I'll spend yet, but I'm definitely making an attempt on Reines. Would be nice to be able to pick someone other than Waver potentially with the 5 star ticket-- potentially an NP2 on a DPS like Vlad given that those are becoming more important.
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(edited 2 days ago)

User Info: Arthaiin

2 days ago#3
It would normally be a skip for me, but I need coins for Okita so...
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User Info: A-E-Byzantian

2 days ago#4
Weekly Ticket on Reines' day. That's it. After wasting a remaining stock failing to get Skadi, I'm back to growing the stock for Kouyou next year. Can't spend any more except what has already been designated for Yang and Sei.
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User Info: Unbound-King

2 days ago#5
I'd kinda like Scathach but I'm not sure how big of an improvement she'd be at NP1 over regular Cu at neutral, and I guess these days I usually just use NP3 Nyalter anyways so there's probably even less reason to roll for her outside of her niche. Does she have an NP Interlude or something?

There's also Moriarty. Arguably one of my favorites characters to date. But I don't really need an ST Archer with Invuln Pierce since DSS Altera's a thing. His S3's Evil bump not applying to himself sucks. And his S1 upgrade is probably coming to NA sooner than its JP date but is probably still a ways off. But his costume's f***ing sick...
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I'm rolling for Scathach. I've always wanted her. I know she has another rateup after this but I want her now. By the way when is it supposed to rollout? Midnight?
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User Info: Pikachuster15

2 days ago#7
I'll try for Reines a bit, maybe one large pack at most. I would like her but she's not at the top of my list (and there's still GSSR soon). The bigger problem is that her only other banner is way too close to Castoria.

User Info: Gwyren

2 days ago#8
I plan to roll for Nero for purely waifu reasons.

User Info: Goraishi

2 days ago#9
I'll roll with what I have for Scath which is like 4x 11 rolls.

User Info: RandomGaming

2 days ago#10
Please come Shishou despite my measly offerings.
Got no Merlin so I'm full of sad
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