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User Info: Lonely_Gamer

1 month ago#1
Should I use Summer Jalter or Lancelot for my berserker? I’m currently only trying to get through the story now.

User Info: ForteEXE3850

1 month ago#2
For the purposes you mention, Summer Jalter.

I'm not sure how Berserker Lancelot performs outside of looping with Skadi, but I assume worse than Summer Jalter does with general supports.

User Info: Lonely_Gamer

1 month ago#3
Thanks. Though now I see an actual use for Lancelot.

User Info: abyss

1 month ago#4
In terms of classes, you'll generally want at least a single target and AOE option. Jaltzerker and Lancelot aren't really in competition, the answer is ultimately 'both'.

In terms of which one to focus on, yeah likely Jalter assuming she's NP5 and you can fully ascend her. She hits really hard, so is a solid pick for earlier story fights.

User Info: Unbound-King

1 month ago#5
They serve different roles.

Jerker is an ST berserker with pretty decent survivablility since her S1's like a 1-hit evade each turn for 3 turns. That actually can keep her alive for a bit if the enemies aren't focusing down on her. She works out best for boss killing if you can get a support Waver or Merlin along and your own Hans or Shakespeare. Since she's a welfare, chances are she's at NP5 if you finished her event, which makes her incredibly valuable going forward.

Zerkerlot on the other hand is an AoE berserker with a lot less survivability but he's able to attack everyone with his NP. Zerkerlot with double Skadi does good work. He can function as your AoE answer to a lot of problems, the primary issue being that double Skadi requires one of her being your own and given that you're unlikely to max her Skills before her part in the Story(unless you farm the hell out of Events before then) and the fact that Zerkerlot's loops are a little strict based on enemy counts/classes and more often than not the use of plugsuit Paracelsus or Waver, using him can be kinda difficult if all the stars aren't aligned and you don't have the 5 pieces of Exodia.
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User Info: Darth_BadGuy

1 month ago#6
Non-Skadi looping Berserkalot sucks. Jaltzerker at NP5 has one of the most powerful ST NP's in the game. You should raise Jalter for boss-killing and later on when you have more resources raise Spartacus to be a much better and easier to use AOE Berserker option than Lance.
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User Info: Darkfire12

1 month ago#7
Jerker wrecks bosses, and Zerkerlot is a solid AOE option. Up to you, really.
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