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User Info: Zancloufer

1 month ago#1
Welcome to the hoarding! This thread is meant to be a way for you to focus on the bigger picture, to save up for specific servants and to encourage others to do the same. Anyone can join in or drop out every week, whenever, just follow the rules down bellow!

1) Please use this format or your post will be ignored.

Name - X SQ / X tix : Target servants or banners

2) Feel free to convert your tickets and/or frags into SQ (1 ticket = 3 SQ, 7 frags = 1 SQ).

3) Please report at least once a week or you may be removed from the list. New thread every weekend.

4) No alts! This rule is mostly targeted at masters playing on both NA and JP, only report the hoarding for one account.

5) 3 targets maximum (can be servants, banners or CE)

6) Extra Question: Suggestions for new extra questions.

The Lone Meteor
Cometdance - 4460 SQ / 810 ST

EX (2000+)
CortanaTheAI - 2919 SQ/131 tickets: Np2+ Spishtar

S (1000-1999)
YggdrasilTM - 1207 SQ: Superhuman Orion, Odysseus, Quirinus
Sceptile - 843 SQ / 68 tix: Space Ishtar
Balthanon - 680 SQ / 25 tickets: Space Ishtar, Castoria
Andrew: 443SQ/85ST (698 Effective SQ) - Space Ishtar/Super Orion/Caster Artoria

A (651-999)
scrublord - 625 sq/2 ticket: Spishtar, Castoria, LB6 whyfoos

B (400 - 650)
Zancloufer: 218 SQ / 32 Tickets : Space Ishtar
kt - 56SQ / 92tickets: Taira no Kagekiyo/ Skadi/ Summer Kama NP2
FlareKnight - 181 SQ / 27 Tickets: Castoria
D (100 - 200)
aliceroose - 150 SQ/0 Tix: Saber Wars II

Trigger Fingers (100-)
Chunchunmaru - 53 SQ/ 0 Tickets: NP5 Tamamo Cat
Kneekicker - 9 SQ: Astolfo, Orion, Yuyu
Ikaros: 0 sq/0 tix - faeber, vicchi, obigern

User Info: Zancloufer

1 month ago#2
Zancloufer: 0 SQ / 0 Tickets : Castoria

Got a lot of 4 stars, including 2 Janes but no Ishtar. Not that surprising considering how little I had saved up. Feel like this week is going to have a lot of people emptying out or dropping out.
I would say that you shouldn't get attached or upset about bad things happening in a Gatcha but emotions are weird. My thoughts are; You should stick around because you like the game for what it is and the units you chase should always be a secondary (at best) priority. F/GO might be one of the worst games for pulling units, not because of effective rates or sheer number of limited units, but because it tries (and often succeeds) at making you care for those units.

Also thank you NeptuniaYuriFan for running this on some of my busy weeks. Hope your not too burnt out.

User Info: YggdrasilTM

1 month ago#3
YggdrasilTM - 1107 SQ: Superhuman Orion, Odysseus, Quirinus

User Info: Sceptilesolar

1 month ago#4
Sceptile - 17 SQ / 0 tix: Space Ishtar, Dioscuri, Castoria

It didn't really go too well, but I got one copy. I'll use what I get while the banner is up (including the November tix) at least. Need to hold onto my GSSR quartz though. Dioscuri is a maybe; I'm not determined to get them but it would be nice.
Just killing time until the world ends.

User Info: XorKoS

1 month ago#5
XorKoS - 364 SQ : Yang Guifei, Castoria

Got NP3 Space Ishtar without trouble, i'm back to hoard for a long time.

I don't check the thread too often so it was maybe already posted, but do people who hoard here skip servants their want or do they hoard because they already have everything they want ?

User Info: Balthanon

1 month ago#6
Balthanon - 324 SQ / 15 tickets: Castoria, Melusine, Vitch

Managed to get both NP2 Spishtar and Calamity Jane to act as a discount Sherlock, plus an extra copy of Astolfo, a Kaleidoscope, and Tomoe Gozen, so it feels like a good run, even if I did spend over 700 quartz for all of that.

Outside of Castoria, I don't know of anything I'll be going for in the future where I'm planning multiple ten rolls. I can see throwing a bit of quartz or tickets at both Orion and Yang Guifei, but not much. I'm more tempted to spend a bit more on trying to pick up MHX (Alter) because the Dark Lord of the Sweets is deserving.

After Castoria, I'm not sure who else I might want until maybe Morgan and the ridiculous onslaught of Fey servants. Possibly Van Gogh or Summer Tomoe. I could see just saving up for that after getting Castoria honestly-- Vitch + Oberon + Melusine alone is likely to take a significant portion of savings.


(Copying from a few threads back for extra question suggestions.) For the extra question, I don't remember if I ever suggested this one (or if we did it), but I'd be interested in how many people actually play more than one account. So something like: Do you play more than one account? And if so, what made you decide to do that or why do you keep it up? (i.e. play Japan and NA and you play NA to read the story.)

More topical, so might be good for this week, another question could be: "Do you read the story again when they rerun an event?"
Fate/Grand Order: Ritsuba - 241,049,270

User Info: Chunchun88

1 month ago#7
Chunchunmaru - 61 SQ/ 0 Tickets: NP5 Tamamo Cat
English isn't my first language so I'm sorry if I write something wrong...
(message deleted)

User Info: alter_kt

4 weeks ago#9
kt - 7SQ / 93tickets: Taira no Kagekiyo/ Skadi/ Molay (F)


If I'm able to scrape enough SQ for another multi roll I'm going to roll for Molay once more, if not I'll wait for next years rerun.

FGO JP Name: kt ID: 070,711,408
SW-0240-6871-1243 IGN:kt

User Info: CortanaTheAI

4 weeks ago#10
CortanaTheAI - 1752 SQ/50 tickets: Castoria, summer Kiara, Gogh, Vritra, Ibuki

Well final roll session of the year is finally behind me and the year went really really well for me. 1150 sq and 80 tickets got me np5 Spishtar, my 3rd np5 five star along with Kama and Bride Nero(who was a welcomed accident) both whom I obtained this year. Should have my stash built up for next near and I'm going to need it because 2022 and 2023 are going to be brutal for me.
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