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User Info: NeptuniaYuriFan

3 weeks ago#1
Welcome to the hoarding! This thread is meant to be a way for you to focus on the bigger picture, to save up for specific servants and to encourage others to do the same. Anyone can join in or drop out every week, whenever, just follow the rules down bellow!

1) Please use this format or your post will be ignored.

Name - X SQ / X tix : Target servants or banners

2) Feel free to convert your tickets and/or frags into SQ (1 ticket = 3 SQ, 7 frags = 1 SQ).

3) Please report at least once a week or you will be removed from the list. New thread every weekend.

4) No alts! This rule is mostly targeted at masters playing on both NA and JP, only report the hoarding for one account.

5) 3 targets maximum (can be servants, banners or CE)

6) Extra Question: Thoughts on challenge quests in Fate/Grand Order. Do you find challenge quests frustrating/boring? Is it the one thing you really look towards from a game-play perspective?
Suggestions for new extra questions.

The Lone Meteor
Cometdance - 4460 SQ / 810 ST

EX (2000+)
CortanaTheAI - 2742 SQ/111 tickets: Np2+ Spishtar
Samuraidoc - 2055 SQ, 371 tickets: Spishtar, Castoria, Summer Atalante (Summer 2025…)
Zaigou - 3300 SQ / 95 Tickets: Space Ishtar (NP2), Castoria.

S (1000-1999)
YggdrasilTM - 1118 SQ: Superhuman Orion, Odysseus, Quirinus

A (651-999)
Balthanon - 920 SQ / 10 tickets: Space Ishtar, Castoria
Ikaros: 582 sq/80 tix - space rin, faeber, vicchiC (200-400)
Sceptile - 677 SQ / 52 tix: Space Ishtar

B (400 - 650)
scrublord - 591 sq/10 tickets: Spishtar, Castoria, LB6 whyfoos
Igris: 584 SQ (including tickets and fragments): SpIshtar
Andrew: 353SQ/70ST (563 Effective Quartz) - Astarte, Super Orion, Castoria.
kt - 62SQ / 81tickets: Taira no Kagekiyo/ Skadi/ Summer Kama

D (100 - 200)
Zancloufer: 118 SQ / 16 Tickets : Space Ishtar
FlareKnight - 110 SQ / 16 Tickets: Castoria
aliceroose - 100 SQ/10 Tix: Saber Wars II

Trigger Fingers (100-)
NeptuniaYuriFan - 69 SQ/7 Tickets/87 SQ Fragments: Summer Abby, Castoria, Morgan
Chunchunmaru - 87 SQ/10 Tickets: NP5 Tamamo Cat

Edit: I hope I got the numbers correct.
(edited 3 weeks ago)

User Info: NeptuniaYuriFan

3 weeks ago#2
NeptuniaYuriFan - 107 SQ/8 Tickets/108 SQ Fragments: Summer Abby, Castoria, Morgan

User Info: Sceptilesolar

3 weeks ago#3
Good job for making the thread.

Sceptile - 736 SQ / 54 tix: Space Ishtar
Just killing time until the world ends.

User Info: YggdrasilTM

3 weeks ago#4
YggdrasilTM - 1171 SQ: Superhuman Orion, Odysseus, Quirinus

User Info: Chunchun88

3 weeks ago#5
Chunchunmaru - 112 SQ/12 Tickets: NP5 Tamamo Cat
English isn't my first language so I'm sorry if I write something wrong...

User Info: AndyYagami

3 weeks ago#6
Andrew: 370SQ/71ST (583 Effective SQ) - Astarte/Super Orion/Caster Artoria.
If that's how it's going to be... I'll snuff them all out! Every last one of your sickening, happy little reasons for living!

User Info: Unbound-King

3 weeks ago#7
scrublord - 571 sq/0 tickets: Spishtar, Castoria, LB6 whyfoos

Lartoria said no lol
GT: Sho Minamimotto PSN: Azure_Reaper8 Switch: SW-3102-7895-8025 FGO: 349-336-611
I'm just a scrublord. I prefer casual games.

User Info: Balthanon

3 weeks ago#8
Balthanon - 945 SQ / 11 tickets: Space Ishtar, Castoria

Ehh, might as well update this since it just changed. I was at 13 tickets, but ended up getting a double silver Servant friend point pull (plus some 4 star embers), so I tossed a couple tickets at Sitonai or Shuten Doji's banner. Didn't get either of them, but NP3 Ibaraki dropped, so not a bad result anyway.

Other than that, just saving since we're so close to Space Ishtar.
Fate/Grand Order: Ritsuba - 241,049,270
(edited 3 weeks ago)

User Info: FlareKnights

3 weeks ago#9
FlareKnight - 143 SQ / 18 Tickets: Castoria
"Many think that courage is power. Real courage is when you surpass your own desires to protect something dear.." Dan, Wild Arms

User Info: alter_kt

3 weeks ago#10
kt - 49SQ / 82tickets: Taira no Kagekiyo/ Skadi/ Summer Kama NP2
295SQ -

Manage to snag Summer Kama and Caenis with my measly SQs and I'm nearly out.
I'll be rolling again on the last day of the banner, hope I can get my 2nd copy so that I can just focus on Summer Okitan on the rerun.
FGO JP Name: kt ID: 070,711,408
SW-0240-6871-1243 IGN:kt
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