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Zinie95 2 months ago#1
Summer Kama banner, CQ, and all that.
GmeFAQHater 2 months ago#2
So no Blue Skin costume and One Piece swimsuit for Kama?
YggdrasilTM 2 months ago#3
CQ mechanics:
Child Caringsaurus (Kijyo Koyo) with 3 bars (1,009,194/1,549,326/2,241,547 HP)
  • increased defense against children Servants normal attacks and decreased damage against children Servants.
  • Each time an enemy servant is defeated she heals (of 300,000 HP? not sure) and she charge her NP for 2 ticks.
First break bar:
  • stun all enemy servants for 1 turn, NP block all enemy Servants for 2 turns, Skill seal all enemy servants for 2 turns.
Second break bar:
  • from now on she will charge her NP of 3 ticks every turn.
  • all children Servants NPs gain 1 of overcharge.
LoneCourier 2 months ago#4
Wow I actually kinda like Sei's design, but eh ST quick zerk sounds even worse than an ST arts archer for me, I don't even have Skadi. Though she seems like more of a buster crit servant than a standard Skadi servant.
Zilong17 2 months ago#5
Will do the CQ with Musashi later today, and hopefully with Caenis this weekend.
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Goraishi 2 months ago#6
Didn't realize we were so close to closing. Going to just repost then.


Threw a couple of attempts in with Majin Saber, and I just wanted to mention that Santa Night coming in on turn 2 seems to be the best option for debuff removal. Never seem to need more than 1 removed.
LoneCourier 2 months ago#7
I don't think she has a debuff other than her first bar break, and not really sure but her first bar break debuffs seems like they can miss. On my failed run one servant got skill sealed but on my second run one of my servant got NP sealed, I never got stunned.
YggdrasilTM 2 months ago#8
Yes, the debuffs on the first bar break are all chance based. I don't know the numbers.
Demonrugal 2 months ago#9
FaeLot slays Dinomom even without MLB DMG CE. Blind run, took 9 turns with traditional W Castoria and suicide Casko. Easy CQ.
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Yeah, right.
Goraishi 2 months ago#10
@Zilong17 Congrats on Kama. GL on Caenis's solo day.
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