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User Info: Samuraidoc

2 months ago#11
Maxing every Servant in the game to 9/9/9.
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User Info: darksamus1992

2 months ago#12
Grail Mash.

If I had money to spare, probably try to NP5 Summer BB, but NP2, level 100 and max fous should be enough for now.

User Info: Black_Fire

2 months ago#13
Getting all summer servants, all 4 star servants, and as many 5 star servants as i can.

And getting everyone to 1000/1000 and 9/9/9.

Honestly i just wanna see the end of the story more then anything, considering they want fgo to go at least five more years I consider that a long term goal as well.

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User Info: heavylobsterguy

2 months ago#14
My goal's the get Shuten to NP5 2000/2000. She's got a banner in October so I should be able to knock out one of those things.

After Shuten gets perfected I'll spend gold fous to get her Caster version to 2000/2000 and have two perfect Shutens.


User Info: TalesOfGod

2 months ago#15
Just getting the waifus that interest me, raising Reines and Penthesilea to LV 100 with max bond.

I like the game but I don't obsess over gameplay. I'm here more for the story and characters.

User Info: NightKaiser21

2 months ago#16
An all Grill (LV100/G.Fou'd/2000/2000/NP5) support list. I'm still slowly, but surely, getting there.
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User Info: Unbound-King

2 months ago#17
TheBorlax posted...
@Unbound-King you come from a long line of gameplay only players. They usually don't last since this game is kinda dated and it only takes 1 big failure to discourage playing (what if you failed to get Castoria? Will you keep playing until her next banner whenever that might be?) Many have even quit just because gameplay has gotten boring. It's hard to stay if you don't have a waifu/husbando to keep you coming back or to help you forget about your gacha failures.

A long line of such players before you:


I think many here will recognize these names.

Good luck and I hope you won't be added to this list and passed on as a warning to the next gameplay only minded person to join.
I appreciate the heads up. I'm not too worried about it though. One of the other aspects of the gameplay side of things is making the best of what I do get. In essence, something like FGO doesn't feel too different to me than Dead Cells or roguelikes in general do. You have a game that's mostly randomizing what you're getting but most of the time there're plenty of options of what you can choose to succeed with. It's the kinda thing where I even look at the AP gauge and consider it a free mechanic for making the game feel more like a limited resource specific type instead of one where I just dump dollars for rainbow apples and never stop grinding.

Options like Castoria are for the sake of convenience and making grinding and/or some CQs more relaxed, but I don't think not having any given gameplay servant I wanted is gonna push me to stop entirely. On the flip side, specifically because I'm not into the waifu/husbando aspect, it means I'm also not instantly shattered the moment I spend everything without anyone to show for it and the next rate up hasn't even happened on JP, like I've seen a couple other folks drop the game because of something like that.

Though, that isn't to say I don't already have my favorites. Okitan carried me hard when I started so I have a soft spot for her. Hektor, Izo, and Kotarou are three people I love to see showing up whenever in the story. Cu Alter and Moriarty, if I had them, would probably always be in reserve until they hit Bond 10 or something silly like that. And I can't forget Kama coming in to finally give Kojiro some rest, like 10 months into the account. I am primarily focused on things like future proofing and being a meta slave, but if I ever do need to fall back on whyfoos and housebanjos, I've already got a few I can get behind.

Actually...I feel like if I did get everything I wanted, that's when I might stop playing, if that makes any sense? Like.
Aside from the story and events, I probably wouldn't even login outside of those periods if I already had all the Servants and CEs I cared about.
Currently I'm just hopping on every day, making a quick priority list of what would be most useful to my roster if there's no Event, and then acting based on that.
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User Info: CrazyDiamondSP

2 months ago#18
NP5, Max Fou'd and Max grailed Minamoto no Raikou

NP5, Max Fou'd and Max grailed summer Raikou

That on the realistic side of things, now on the unrealistic side I'd like for Raikou to get 1 alt of each class so I can max Np, max grail and max fou each one of them and display them on my servant support lineup for everyone to see and understand that mama is mine and mine alone.

However I'd be pretty lucky if mama gets even as much as a 3rd alt so I'm willing to settle for 3 Raikous on my support lineup.
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User Info: P0mf

2 months ago#19
I'm shooting for a level 100 servant in every spot on my support list. So far I've got a Saber (Mordred), Archer (Tesla), Berserker (Kintoki), and Extra servant (Kiara) at 100 and with this Meihousu grail Shuten will be filling the Assassin spot. Then i'll probably end up grailing Ozy for my Rider and beyond that I'm still debating who to grail to fill the Lancer and Caster slots.
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User Info: Squidkids

2 months ago#20
max bond (like the bond 20 or w/e) to "finish" my favorite chr.
I did manage max grail/ fou np5 her soo just need bond XD
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