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User Info: Reno_Ragestar

1 week ago#1

You know the drill...
Went for NP2 Melt... Which took a lot of summons but I got there. Now I don't feel as bad about not having Ridertoki.

User Info: mikebrand83

1 week ago#3
Decided to throw some tickets at Melt (saving my quartz for Kingprotea next week). Managed to summon Melt after six.

User Info: YggdrasilTM

1 week ago#4
I'll throw some tickets at KP.

User Info: ClearSky25

1 week ago#5
I threw all my sq and tickets for melt and got np2 sanzang. Rate ups is a f***ing lie
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User Info: Blammo3825

1 week ago#6
threw a tix and got lip

will be rolling for KP, NP2 sun boy/sad archer will be ok
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User Info: Divinar

1 week ago#7
Skip, already got melt and lip, my goal this year is for kama and summer musashi.
Under severe stress, a lot of salt, steer clear
Welp, 50 rolls done, 0 gold servants. The game even taunted me by giving me four 4-star event CE, just to rub it in. Back to the bottom we go!

User Info: Bird_Man_Yu

1 week ago#9
Melt is NP2.
Passion is NP4.
Suzuka is NP4.

So don't NEED any more of them, I might toss tickets at Protea, but I'm not badly wanting her, IIRC Kiara also comes and that's a LMFAONO, Not going for that b**** anytime soon, So mostly a skip then, MHXA is coming soon anyway.
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User Info: GalaxyCrisis

1 week ago#10
Three 10x Summons to get all the event CE's; I had two of them already from when the New Year's 2020 series had them in their pool. I got one 5* CE, three more copies of the 4* CE, and two more copies of the 3* CE (enough to MLB that one).

Actually I got the 5* CE on the second 10x Summon and decided to throw in a third on a whim. On that one I saw stars; I got Meltryllis.
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